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Practitioners Are Making Mistakes When It Comes To Detoxification

It’s true. HUGE mistakes. For example, did you know things like milk thistle, curcumin and green tea extract shouldn’t be in any detoxification programs or products because research clearly shows they actually inhibit detoxification?!



Lessons: 3 Modules

Length: 7 hours

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Practitioners Are Making Mistakes When It Comes To Detoxification

It’s true. HUGE mistakes. For example, did you know things like milk thistle, curcumin and green tea extract shouldn’t be in any detoxification programs or products because research clearly shows they actually inhibit detoxification?!

Also, if we aren’t accurately assessing a patient’s potential toxicity status, before and after a detoxification program, we have no way of knowing if we actually detoxified anything or helped them? And the scientific literature pretty clearly demonstrates that virtually all testing has questionable accuracy and therefore limited clinical usefulness. (Even fat biopsies – the “gold standard” – can be highly inaccurate.)

Listen, I get it. I was misled about what detoxification was, too. And when I finally went deep into the scientific literature and realized just how wrong I was, and that I knew almost nothing accurate about the subject, it kind of messed me up, too. 

But, it also made me obsessed about learning the right information about detoxification and getting it out to as many practitioners as I possibly can. Our industry needs this information.

Most Programs Fail To Address Three Critical Detoxification Principles

There are basic scientific principles that must be followed for a detoxification program to be effective. They are mobilization, detoxification (all 4 phases), and excretion. If any of these are not addressed, it is not a detoxification program.

Proper Pre- and Post-Toxicity Assessment Is Critical

You don’t need to spend your client’s money on expensive functional tests, but you do need to objectively know whether or not you need to run them through a detoxification program or not. Additionally, you need to know whether it worked or not, and how well.

The Science Is Clear On What We Should Be Doing Instead (and it is ALL covered in this course)

“I’m almost embarrassed at the detoxification programs that I’ve been running up until learning this information. Thank you so much for doing this research for us!”


Julie Walsh | N.D. 

In This Seven Hour Course, You Will Learn:

✅An evidence-based understanding of how toxic we really are

✅The biochemistry and physiology of detoxification (all four phases)

✅What evidence-based supplements best support detoxification

✅How to run scientifically valid detoxification programs on your clients

✅The Mixture Effect - what is it and why we should care

✅How to accurately assess for toxicity (and it isn't a lab test)

✅How people should eat, exercise, and sauna to reduce their toxic burden

✅And much, much more...

Not only will you have an incredible working knowledge of each biochemical pathway, you’ll actually understand how the pathways work to the point that you can have educated conversations with your colleagues about them.

Stop Guessing and Start Knowing Today $997

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After taking this course, you'll have the tools to run scientifically-based detoxification programs. You’ll have:

✅A complete, current, and APPLICABLE UNDERSTANDING of detoxification

✅The ability to most accurately assess toxicity status in your patients and clients 

✅My exact detoxification program, outlined step-by-step, to run on your clients

✅The hydration and nutrition calculations I use to personalize how much someone needs to eat and drink during this program

✅A 10-day nutrition and exercise program to teach your clients exactly what to eat and how to move during the program 

“Dr. Bryan Walsh is a naturopathic physician extensively trained in molecular biological pathways. In this interview, we discuss detoxification and the food-based detox program he developed. I took his course and believe it's probably one of the best out there.”


Dr. Joseph Mercola | Founder, 

Course Details

Module 1
Chemicals: An In Depth Review

This three-and-a-half hour module covers evidence-based topics such as:

  • How Toxic Are We?
  • Does the Dose Matter?
  • Classification of Chemicals
  • Is There A Mixture Effect?
  • How Chemicals Cause Damage
  • Chemicals, Physiological Dysfunction, and Disease
Module 2
Physiology and Biochemistry of Detoxification

In this almost three-hour module, you will learn the latest scientific information about detoxification, including:

  • Detoxification Overview
  • Liver Anatomy and Physiology
  • Phase 0 and Phase 3 Detoxification
  • Phase I Detoxification
  • Phase II Detoxification
  • Nrf2 and Metallothionein
Module 3
What To Do: 21st Century Detoxification

In this final module, you will learn step-by-step everything you want to know about running an evidence-based detoxification program on your patients an clients.  In this module, you will learn:

  • A hydration calculation so you know exactly how much water someone should drink during a sauna session
  • Evidence-based food, beverages, and supplements to use to safely, but effectively, detoxify someone
  • Other critical steps that people should do before they do a detoxification program

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“To make this brief, the only thing that got me out my depression, helped me make really good money, and gave me faith in my approach is you and your courses. I've literally, "literally" read, studied, purchased and watched every single word, YouTube video, courses, e-book, fat is not your fault, podcast you've ever put online. Every single, course and lecture.”


Khaled Dewan | Health and Nutrition Coach, Egypt

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