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Why? We're here to make the world a better place by helping practitioners (like you) help more people get healthy with smarter functional medicine. As we support you in sharpening your skills and growing your practice, you're able to expand your impact. And just like that, we've partnered to leave this world a little better than we found it.

"Highly recommend this for busy practitioners who want to sharpen their therapeutic sword.”

- Yvette Tan, MD

"The depth and quality of the content you provide is unlike anything else out there.

-Jeremiah Ferias, RD

"By far the best in the game. Trust me, you don't want to miss anything this guy puts out.”  

-Andrew Eliszewski, DC

Do any of these sound like you?

You've attended seminars...

You’ve attended a bunch of seminars, get really excited about what you learn, but when you apply it in practice, it never works as well as the presenter promises.

You're feeling overwhelmed

You’re overwhelmed with the barrage of tests and supplements that are available today.

You're hearing conflicting advice...

It feels confusing when you hear one thing from one expert and the total opposite from another expert and you would like to know which is correct.

You want more from your practice...

You're done feeling like you're guessing with your patients, and your practice is doing ok, but you know so much more is possible.

If so, these may also be true . .

You're skeptical. 

You’ve become so skeptical and jaded, you don’t know who to trust, believe, or listen to anymore, and would love for someone to come along that regained your trust in the industry.

You want answers.

Sometimes you feel like you'd give almost anything to get REAL, unbiased, and trustworthy answers.  Something you can actually use, from a trustworthy source.

It's not as fun anymore...

You got into the business to help people, but now are so busy running your business, or trying to figure out the “right” type of medicine, it isn’t fun anymore and the passion has gone away a bit.

You know you can do this. 

You are a smart, highly capable person who cares deeply about your patients' health. You know that with the right information, you'll be able to succeed. 

This may come as a shock to you...


But, more information is not your ticket to more successful nutrition or functional medicine practice.
If it was, more people would be successful because we have more information available to us now than ever before. But, what happened instead is the opposite - more information is leading to more confusion. 


We’ve been educating people in health, wellness, and Functional Medicine for over 10 years. 


We’ve taught online, offline, in front of large audiences, some small ones, graduate programs, and just about everything in between. And the thing we have noticed the most is that most practitioners don't need more information, they need better information and someone to help them apply it.  


There is a lot of bad information out there. It's the "fast food" of the industry - looks good, smells good, but isn't good for you. 


We're not here to blame, but this is largely because of who we call the "mis-information gurus".  You know . . .


  • Biased speakers with a dozen letters after their name, who cherry-pick studies that will help sell their supplements.
  • Instagram “influencers” with creative names like "adrenalcoach" who are selling masterclasses but have no credentials and never actually see patients.
  • "Expert" course creators appearing on podcasts who have barely been in business but are revealing their "proven" protocols.


What we need now is something different. We don’t need more information, we need more wisdom. A better ability to discern good from bad information. An "information radar" to recognize the helpful information from worthless information.


We need fewer seminars and talking heads, and more wisdom and critical thinking coaching.


We're having the conversation that needs to be had (and not everyone likes it)  


We’ve learned a few things in the combined 40 years we’ve had in the health, wellness, and nutrition industry, but not everyone likes to hear this because it doesn’t fit the “story” they are telling. For example:
  • Most protocols don’t work. Sure some of them do for some of the time, but none of them do all of the time.
  • Diet, exercise, and lifestyle don’t equal health. In fact, we’ve seen many dozens of patients in our practice that were doing “all the right things” but still didn’t feel well. There is more to health and well-being than can be measured on a lab test, or taken in a supplement.
  • The industry has gotten FAR too complex. Instead of debating what the best form of magnesium is or how best to support methylation, we should be simplifying our approach with patients.
  • The industry follows too many fads and trends, and not enough proven principles. Chasing fads is a losing race.
  • We don’t need to run half of the functional lab tests that are most frequently run. Most of them aren’t accurate or scientifically valid, few of them drastically change the course of treatment, and all of them are expensive.
  • You can’t “checklist” or “seven steps to” a condition.
  • Saying things like “fix the brain, fix the gut” is entirely misleading and gives patients (and practitioners) a false sense of hope, and is irresponsible.
  • As much as science is progressing, we feel the industry as a whole is going in the wrong direction and focusing on the wrong things.
Here at Metabolic Fitness we challenge the norm and teach people to crucially think about issues, not just follow the crowd.


We’re not here to just point out problems. We’re paving solutions.


At first, we combatted junk food information by publishing great information through our courses.
Then, we opened up a mentorship for highly motivated practitioners.


That's when we noticed a pattern – the more we dug into their business, cracking cases, talking through clinical scenarios - the better their results with their clients and the more their business flourished.
The problem with offering this high-touch type of mentorship?
Not everyone could afford it.
And beyond that, there was only so much that we could cover in the time together.
Then one day, we had an epiphany – what if we took the best information we teach in our courses and combine it with the personalized, high-touch experience of our mentorship to dramatically shorten the learning curve and help practitioners cut through the functional medicine noise and finally build the practice they've always envisioned.


We’ve run this program for a few years now and have heard things like:


  • “This is amazing. Honestly. It changed my practice.”
  • And…"My mind is blown. I didn't know what I was missing until I found this!
  • We’ve also heard, This has been the best thing I’ve ever done for my practice, my patients, and myself!”


Kelly Hoogenakker

I know, without a doubt, that I am leaving this program more knowledgeable, and therefore more responsible and effective for my clients.”

Here's Your Solution To The Functional Medicine "Noise" . . . 

The Clinician's Code™:

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in our collective 40 years in the industry and packaged it into ONE strategic system, The Clinician’s Code™.

You'll master the art of practice + the art of practicing, without the overwhelm.

You can finally build the functional medicine practice you've always envisioned!

While other functional medicine education is blunting long-term practitioner success by only teaching you how to memorize protocols (or buy their supplements)...
We create confident, thoughtful practitioners who can think their way through any case that walks through their door.

Here's What You Get In The Program

The Cell Code

Learn our strategic system to confidently know where to start with every patient.

The Blood Chem Code

Learn to interpret the most scientifically accurate test on the market, like a ninja.

The Detox Code

Learn evidence-based detoxification principles, and can run this practice-building program.. 

The Foundations Code

Learn the why, not just the what, so you're never stumped again.

Clinical Mentorship 

Meet with us 1:1 and in group sessions for immediate and long term clinical success.

Exclusive Member Forum

Hop in daily to get immediate answers and better help the patients you’re seeing RIGHT NOW. 

Intake & Assessment Forms

We provide the forms we use in our practice so it's easy to rinse and repeat in your own.

CEUs for Nutritionists

Earn up to 84.5 CEs (approved by the BCNS Credentials Council)

Practitioner Directory Listing

This means first access to our closest referral network


Month 1

Step 1: The Cell Blueprint™

Watch, study, and learn the material in The Cell Blueprint™, the course that helps show you what direction you need to go with your patient, and educate them on what their cells need to be more healthy.
Functional Medicine doesn't have to be so complicated or confusing.  The Cell Blueprint™ transforms practitioner's perspective and ideas on health by simplifying the intake process and pointing you in the direction you need to go with a patient.

Step 2: Integrating The Cell Blueprint™

We coach you through the process of using in your practice, and using it to grow your practice by using Cell Blueprint™ on yourself and 10 other people.  You also learn how to create treatment programs and use targeted testing based on the results.

Month 2-3

Step 3: Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation

Become invaluable as you learn the industry's leading blood chemistry course, featuring videos on biomarker physiology, evidence-based reference ranges, nutritional reasons for abnormal markers, updated science on biomarkers, and so much more.

Step 4: Practice Interpreting Labs

Say goodbye to unanswered questions and hello to confidence as you implement everything you've learned. We're with you every step of the way to answer your questions and help you interpret your cases.

Month 4-5

Step 5: Evidence-Based Detoxification

Learn how to safely and effectively detoxify patients using the first truly based scientifically-based detoxification, built on science. 
Once you see this course, you'll never look at detoxification programs the same, and will realize just how bad most of them are.  You no longer have to offer ineffective detoxification programs to your patients once you're armed with the information contained in this course.

Step 6: Integrate Detoxification

Implement your new knowledge of detoxification into your practice, including a practice-building detoxification program. This helps you not only reach new patients but helps revive those who are already on your list, but haven't scheduled with you in a while. 

Month 6

Step 7: Defining Your System, Fine Tuning, and Personalization

With everything you've learned, it's time to set up a system in your practice, including a successful lead magnet, patient reports, and more.

This program is for you if you want to improve your practice with smarter functional medicine.

It doesn't matter what stage you're in. The Clinician's Code can help you get to the next level.
> To the Brand New Practitioner - Have you noticed your education has some holes in it? Or do you want to hit the ground running with a tried-and-true system?
> To the Not New to Practice, But New to Functional Medicine Practitioner - Are you looking to add functional medicine to your practice and want to learn it the right way the first time? 
> To the Seasoned Functional Medicine Practitioner - Are you tired of all the noise in the industry? Are you looking for a reliable, scientifically sound way of practicing? 



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Who are we? 

We’re Drs. Bryan and Julie Walsh and we’re fed up with bad education in the health industry.


Bad education handicapped the success of our practice for years. Even after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on our doctorate degrees, we got out of school and found ourselves wondering, “What do I do with this patient?”
We attended seminar after seminar, learning information from "experts" that was guaranteed to work … only, it didn’t.
It wasn’t until we stopped listening to the experts, dove deep into science, and found exactly what we were looking for – answers.
First, these answers dramatically improved the success of our practice. Now, they improve the success of thousands of other practitioners from around the world who have taken our programs.
P.S. It goes without saying we're big fans of family. And around here, we treat you like family. 

Ready to learn how smarter functional medicine can help your practice?

We’ll keep this short + sweet.
We help health professionals advance their knowledge and grow their business through our proprietary, cutting-edge strategies and precise scientific principles.
If you are looking to feel confident about functional medicine, get consistent clinical success, and build a sustainable, profitable businessyou’re in the right place.
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