Build Confidence, Cut Overwhelm, and Become Successful in Functional Medicine

Clinician's Code is a one of a kind, individualized mentorship experience for motivated health professionals who want to get better results with their patients and build a thriving, evidence-based practice.

"Highly recommend this for busy practitioners who want to sharpen their therapeutic sword.”

- Yvette Tan, MD

"The depth and quality of the content you provide is unlike anything else out there.

-Jeremiah Ferias, RD

"By far the best in the game. Trust me, you don't want to miss anything this guy puts out.”  

-Andrew Eliszewski, DC

Is your practice not going exactly as you pictured? 

If so, you're not alone.
Functional Medicine has become a confusing, frustrating experience for well-meaning practitioners and patients everywhere.
We’ve spoken to practitioners of all types, from all over the world, and before working with us, they all struggle with the same three things.
First of all, there’s information overload.
What tests should you run? What supplements should you recommend? Where do you start with a complex patient? 
Then, there’s conflicting advice.
One expert says this, another says that. Who do you listen to? You need facts if you’re going to practice with confidence. 
Last (but not least), is the money...or lack thereof.
Getting patients, knowing what to charge, having a solid business strategy that serves your patients and fits your lifestyle - where were those classes in school?  

Today's the day you stop settling. 

You don’t have to settle for a business that is kind of successful, with functional medicine protocols that kind of work. 
You don’t have to ask your patients to spend thousands on a bunch of tests and supplements...You can become an expert at identifying what patients need most, saving them time and money, and helping them faster.
You don’t have to endlessly post on social media, hoping for new patients...You can design a business where the patients come to you. 
You don’t have to blindly depend on generic protocols that only work some of the time...You can develop the skills that allow you to evaluate science, discern between good and bad information, and ultimately crack any case that walks through your door.  
“I know, without a doubt, that I am leaving this program more knowledgeable, and therefore more responsible and effective for my clients.” - Kelly Hoogenakker, Holistic Health Coach

Meet your solution to Functional Medicine noise

The Clinician's Code™:

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in our collective 40 years in the industry and packaged it into ONE strategic system, The Clinician’s Code™.
This is a six-month, online mentorship experience where you get full access to us and all of our best stuff.
You'll master the art of practice + the art of practicing, by eliminating 90% of the stuff in Functional Medicine.
 "Dr. Bryan and Julie Walsh are the most trusted resource for evidence-based practice. I have been in the game for a long time working with many of the highest performers in the world and no one else even comes close to knowledge and value provided." - Dan Garner

This program is for you if you want to improve your practice with smarter functional medicine.

We know you're busy, so we'll cut to the chase.
The Clinician's Code is a six-month mentorship program that combines tactical coaching sessions, monthly masterminds, interactive community, and a library of functional medicine trainings designed to help you advance your knowledge and grow your business, at the same time
If you're a motivated health professional who wants to get better results with your patients and build a thriving, evidence-based practice, you're in the right place.

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