Build Confidence, Cut Overwhelm, and Become Successful in Functional Medicine

A full-scale learning experience for health professionals looking to better help their patients and build a thriving, evidence-based functional medicine practice.

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Is your practice not going exactly as you pictured? 

If so, you're not alone.

Functional Medicine has become a confusing, frustrating experience for well-meaning practitioners and patients everywhere.

We’ve spoken to practitioners of all types, from all over the world, and before working with us, they all struggle with the same three things.

First of all, there’s information overload.

What tests should you run? What supplements should you recommend? Where do you start with a complex patient? 

Then, there’s conflicting advice.

One expert says this, another says that. Who do you listen to? You need facts if you’re going to practice with confidence. 

Last (but not least), you always feel like you're lacking something - money, time, or a solid understanding...

Getting patients, knowing what to charge, having a solid business strategy that serves your patients and fits your lifestyle - where were those classes in school?  

Hey, Overwhelmed Health Practitioner, We Hear You. 

You’ve tried to do it all – reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, earning all the certificates, joining all the programs…and if you had a dollar for every Google + Pubmed search you’ve ever done, you’d be a millionaire.

And that’s just the functional medicine side of things. What about everything you need to know to run a successful business – things like how to get more patients, how to structure your services, and how to stop providing free advice so that you’re practice is actually profitable. 

It’s enough to make any smart, well-meaning practitioner say FORGET IT.

But you have the potential to help so many people, if you just had the right tools and support at your disposal. 

We can help. 

 It's what we're known for. See what other practitioners have to say about working with us. 


"You think you're going in for one layer, and you get seven layers"

"I thought I studied with some of the best on the planet...and then I found Clinciian's Code!""

Who are we anyway? And how do we solve the biggest problem facing practitioners today? 

We’re Drs. Bryan and Julie Walsh. After graduating from medical school, we struggled big time. We thought the solution was to attend seminars, listen to the "gurus", and hire marketers and business coaches...but what we found was the opposite. We made it our mission to figure out how to succeed in Functional Medicine and as soon as we did, we knew we had to share it with others.  

We’ve taken EVERYTHING we’ve learned in our collective 40 years in the industry and created Clinician's Code™ to support you in building the Functional Medicine practice you’ve always wanted.

A full-scale digital experience where unrivaled Functional Medicine education meets individualized mentorship. Apply what you learn to your real-life cases with the personal support of Drs. Walsh and our interactive community.

We (quite literally) come along side you to help you improve your clinical outcomes, grow your practice, and therefore deepen your impact

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Take a look at what some of our practitioners have to say.

This is just a tiny fraction of the feedback we’ve received for Clinician's Code™... keep reading for more.

"You won't regret this program because it will only make you better."

"Clinician's Code has been so extremely helpful in giving me confidence. Working with Drs. Bryan and Julie Walsh through case studies and the amazing information in their online courses has provided me with the tools to become a great practitioner who isn't just giving standard protocols for a condition, but instead understands how to help each client with their bio-individual issues." - Stephanie E., BS, CNS, NTP

"It is invaluable to be able to consult on cases with Drs. Walsh."

"Making the decision to be a part of the mentorship program is one of the best ones I've made as a practitioner -  not just from a case analysis perspective, but also from a business perspective. It is invaluable to be able to consult on cases with Drs. Walsh, who are committed to scientifically based, biochemically individualized solutions. Having seasoned professionals who are committed  to my personal growth is a tremendous 'shot in the arm' that I'm grateful for daily." - Jan T., Integrative Nutrition

If your practice isn't going according to plan, it's not you, it's what you've been taught. 

You got the degree. You've been to the seminars, listened to the podcasts, attended the summits, opted in for all the webinars...

But you still don't feel like you're getting it quite right.

You've even went straight to the source - Pubmed. And after many rabbit trails and bookmarked studies, you have more questions than answers.

One expert says this and another says that. Who do you listen to? Which “expert” can you actually rely on? How can you possibly piece together all the conflicting ideas? 

Maybe you even paid thousands for a mentorship program. And while it technically delivered information, what they taught hasn't translated into any measurable clinical success.

When patients come in with a myriad of symptoms, you still find yourself a little lost.

  • Which tests should I run?
  • How can I identify the root cause?
  • Which protocol should I give?
  • Am I truly helping the people that I started my practice to help?

Functional Medicine has become a confusing, frustrating experience for practitioners everywhere. 


The good news is there's another way - a smarter way - to practice Functional Medicine.

You don't have to use protocols because someone else told you to - you can think through any case that walks through your door, with confidence.

You don't have to run thousands of dollars in functional medicine tests to give your patients answers - you can become highly adept at discerning between what tests they need and what tests they don't.

You don't have to prescribe massive amounts of supplements - you can develop the know-how to identify what supplements are going to best help your patients.

You don't have to struggle or hire an expensive business coach to get your practice off the ground - you can build a reliable system for generating income while still providing an high-quality service to your patients.

You don't have to perform on social media everyday and pretend to like it even when you don't- you can build a sophisticated business that is authentic, intentional, and representative of your values and mission.

The one-stop destination for practitioners who want to succeed in Functional Medicine.

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Clinician’s Code is different from anything else out there because of its unique three-part framework that covers everything you need to know to build a successful, thriving practice.

  • Evidence-based, up-to-date, educational functional medicine content at your fingertips
  • Individualized expert support & mentorship on all of your questions and cases
  • Business strategy & coaching so your practice runs smoothly, efficiently, and profitably 

Here are a few more of our  success stories. 


"It transformed the way I see clients!"

" I feel more certain about what I am doing, and not just following a protocol."

Ready to finally build the functional medicine practice you've always envisioned?  

We’ve made sure you’ll have everything you need.
Here’s what you’ll get.

100+ hours of content

Learn with us from anywhere in the world, on your schedule. These world-class, evidence-based courses break down complex topics and unravel industry myths so you can feel confident about your skillset. 

As soon as you join you receive instant access to our most impactful courses. 

Expert Help in Your Pocket

You weren't meant to practice in a silo. Being able to ask questions, get clarification, and hear feedback is critical when building a successful clinical practice.

In our interactive community forum you can post cases and ask for clarification on any topic. We weigh in on what to do, which tests and supplements to run, and how to interpret results.

Individualized Mentorship

As soon as you join, your first step is our intake process and a 2:1 coaching call so we can get to know you and begin our partnership. This is a vital step and major difference in our program vs. others. Rather than just consuming a ton of content or following a cookie-cutter program for the masses, we curate an individual learning journey for you, ensuring you’re headed towards achieving your unique goals with efficiency and purpose.

Live Monthly Q+A Calls

Have you ever been on a zoom call that is a total waste of time? Us too! That's why we never do that.

Our calls are designed to help you get in-depth answers, see our process, learn new clinical insights, and come together for quality human interaction.

If you can't make it, no problem. You can submit your questions in advance. We record and time-stamp our answers so you can easily watch and re-watch at your convenience.

Business Coaching

When you don’t know how to run a business, you’ll have a much harder time building a profitable practice. You’ve likely learned that the hard way already. Your business is nothing without patients. That's why we don't just teach you what to do once the patients are in your office, we teach you how to get them in the door.

We help you figure out your story, your niche, your messaging, your offer, and your profit strategy... without exhausting, inauthentic activities that lead to practitioner burnout.

Exclusive Bonus Content

Clinician's Code members get our newest stuff. Period.

Our growing library includes content such as an on-the-pulse hormone masterclass, updated detoxification strategies, and brand-new optimal reference ranges.

We, of course, don't just tell it to you, we teach it to you, and help you apply it in practice.

Supervised Practice Experience (SPE) Hours

If you’re a CNS-candidate looking to gain licensure, our program not only provides you with real cases from our practice to work through, but supports you with your own casework as you build your practice. As an added bonus, some of our included courses such as Nutritional Biochemistry, are an invaluable resource for passing your licensure exam. 

What's Included?

Explore the Clinician’s Code Curriculum. Instant Access, Endless Insights.



Cellular Health Assessment

Become skilled in how to accurately evaluate the cellular health of your patients and confidently know where to start with every patient case with our distinctive methodology of health assessment, The Cell Blueprint™. You will get our intake, assessment, and questionnaire to easily integrate this system into your practice. Our done-for-you presentation slides, patient quiz, email templates, and marketing strategy make it easy to use this system to grow your practice right away.



Our Proprietary Patient Process

We unveil our methodology—a matchless, systematic path to navigate patients through nutritional and functional medicine. What sets us apart is our approach, which predates the usual starting point of personalized medicine chosen by most practitioners. This crucial yet frequently unnoticed step reduces unnecessary effort, time, and expenses tied to testing and speculation in clinical practice. Prepare for a revolutionary shift.



Functional Lab Interpretation

Getting the diagnosis right is a game-changer for consistent success in your clinical work, and that starts with the tests to run in your practice. So many practitioners end up spending precious time and money on tests that not only don't help but are scientifically inaccurate. We cover all the big ones – like adrenal, hormones, hair, and stool tests, along with the organic acid test – so you never have to wonder what to run (and not run) again.



Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation

Become invaluable as you study the industry's leading blood chemistry course. Dr. Walsh will walk you through biomarker physiology, evidence-based reference ranges, nutritional reasons for abnormal markers, the updated science on biomarkers, and so much more. You also have access to our extensive biochemistry and physiology course modules to support your learning and deeply understand lab findings.



Practice Management and Business Strategy

You can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you can’t sell it, you can’t make a living from it. To transform it into a thriving business, you must connect with your ideal clients, speak their language, and provide an excellent experience while aligning with your lifestyle and income goals. We specialize in identifying the gaps in your business and help you develop a model that works.



A Goldmine Library of Cutting-Edge Functional Medicine Topics

Dive into a wealth of instant knowledge that you’ve never heard before upon joining this program. Explore topics spanning SIBO, Fatty Liver, Anemia, Female Hormones, Well-being, Dormant infections, and more. From industry misconceptions on vital topics like PCOS, Vitamin D supplementation, T3 to T4 conversion, iodine testing, minerals, and so much more. Uncover insights on gut health, hypochlorhydria, and trending subjects including Homocysteine and Nicotinamide Riboside supplementation. It’s all yours for the learning!



Case Management

Theory is one thing, but application is another. We fill in the gaps that most learning experiences do not, by helping you implement your new functional medicine knowledge into practice in a way that works for you. Practitioners find this portion of the program invaluable as they solidify their knowledge through application and case management, all with our full support.



Evidence-Based Detoxification

Learn how to safely and effectively detoxify patients using the world’s first truly scientifically-based detoxification protocol. Utilize this program to build your practice while leveraging your time. You'll learn how to not only reach new patients but to revive those who are already on your list but haven't scheduled with you for a while.



Cutting-Edge Glucose Dysregulation Management

Get ready to supercharge your practice with some serious glucose expertise! Many of the models used to assess, diagnose, and treat various types of glucose dysregulation are completely outdated. We'll help you elevate your practice with a comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of glucose dysregulation including how to detect diabetes well in advance, the intricacies of reactive hypoglycemia, and much more.

Imagine how you’ll feel a few months from now when you’ve built the practice you’ve always wanted…

  • You feel confident in your clinical decisions rather than confused and second-guessing yourself.
  • You have testimonial after testimonial of clients who say you’ve “changed their life”.
  • You have a waitlist of clients who can’t wait to work with you because of your excellent reputation (maybe you even need to hire a staff!)
  • You have streamlined systems and processes in place so that you can effectively and efficiently serve your ideal clients.
  • You are truly serving people in the most impactful way.

Hear from More of
Our Very Happy Customers:

"I have been studying functional medicine on some level for the past 20 years. I am a doctor of Physical therapy who studied and taught at Stanford University. I have over 27 different certifications, I have worked in some capacity for the University's R&D for 15 years. I tell you this NOT at all to share a resume or sound boastful. I say all this to took me to school the past two days!!!!"

Dr. Joanna O.

"I have been in the game for a long time working with many of the highest performers in the world and no one else even comes close with respect to knowledge and value provided. You are the most trusted resource for evidence-based practice. Thank you for everything you do!"

Dan G., Performance Coach

“You ground me from all the FM Hype out there, which is mostly messy, biased and FOMO driven. Please keep doing what you're doing. Your work is benefiting so many patients around the globe. Truly blessed to be amongst your students.”

Dr. Khaled D.

I LOVE you guys and what you produce. No BS, no quick fixes, no magic pills or protocols! What you offer has been the missing piece for me. I didn't know I was searching for it until I found it!”

Stephanie E., Nutritionist

"I’ve taken many trainings in the past and nothing compares to this! You will be wondering why you were never taught this – it’s because no one has ever pulled together the research like Dr. Walsh has.”

Heidi L., Nutritionist

Wow! This was exactly what I was looking for and more. I have a pretty high-volume practice and have been helping people for a while and the information and research provided was second to none. This seminar will definitely help me help others in a better capacity. I can't recommend this material enough!”

Dr. Jared S.

This program is for you if you want to improve your practice with smarter
functional medicine.

It doesn't matter what stage you're in...

Brand New Practitioner 

Have you noticed your education has some holes in it? Struggling to hit the ground running? This tried-and-true system is for you.

Not New to Practice But New To Functional Medicine

Are you looking to add Functional Medicine to your practice? Better to learn it the right way, first time.

Seasoned Functional Medicine Practitioner

Getting distracted by all the noise and conflicting ideas in the industry? Are you looking for a reliable, scientifically-backed method of practicing?

Here's How The Program Works



Initial Fit Check

Start your journey with an application that ensures we're a good fit from the get-go. Our program isn't for everyone, so we use an application process to make sure you're in the right place.



Onboarding and Orientation

This is where we show you around, like giving you a tour of a new neighborhood. Take your time to settle in and explore.



Ready, Set, Go: The Kick-off Call

Step into the spotlight of our first meeting – it's a game-changer. We'll connect to grasp exactly where you stand and where you're headed. As we uncover your goals and pave the way to achieve them, we'll address all your program questions, ensuring you're ready to hit the ground running. Afterward, you'll receive a personalized document that encapsulates our discussion – consider it your personal roadmap toward your goals.



Foundations that Matter: Non-negotiables

Think of this as covering the essentials before diving into the nitty gritty. Here you’ll learn things like what functional medicine tests to run (and not run) as well as all the ways we’ve replaced industry stories with science. We'll make sure you're well-prepared to avoid any bumps along the way.



Your Customized Learning Journey: Modules Tailored to You

Here, your tailored learning journey begins, shaped by our kickoff discussion. Some aim to enhance their clinical skillset, others to build out a brand-new program or business. For many, it’s a mix. Consider this your buffet of knowledge that matches your appetite.



Putting Ideas into Action: Implementation Phase

Time to roll up your sleeves and apply what you've learned in real-life situations. This is where the rubber meets the road.



Navigating Challenges: Support and Guidance

Whenever you hit a crossroads, we're here to guide you. Whether you need direction on a clinical case, help building out a new program, guidance on a webpage, or expert advice on business operations, we’re here to support you.



From Wins to What's Next: Celebrate and Progress

As you conquer milestones, we celebrate together and then set our sights on the next adventure. Your success fuels our journey.



All Set or Keep Progressing: Graduation or Alumni Path

You've reached the finish line, and it's time to bask in your accomplishments. Or, if you're up for it, join our Alumni Program for the next chapter.

Meet the Founders

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in our collective 40 years in the industry and created Clinician's Code™ to support you in building the Functional Medicine practice you’ve always wanted. 

Dr. Bryan Walsh

Co-Founder & CMO, Metabolic Fitness

Dr. Walsh has been studying human physiology and nutrition for over 25 years and has been educating others in health for 20 of those years. When he isn’t teaching, he spends his time pouring over the latest research and synthesizing his findings into practical information for clinicians to use in practice. Dr. Walsh is best known for his expertise in biochemistry and human physiology, which allows him to (happily) dismantle the myths and misconceptions in the functional medicine industry and replace them with the truth. His work is most often described as, “the education you always wanted, but never received".

Fun fact: He developed the industry's first evidence-based optimal reference ranges.

Dr. Julie Walsh

Co-Founder & CEO, Metabolic Fitness

Dr. Julie Walsh, while formerly trained in Naturopathic Medicine, quickly realized that without a solid understanding of business and marketing, the practice was never going to become a sustainable, profitable business. After recognizing there is as much misinformation in the business and marketing space as there is in the functional medicine space she knew what she had to do – become an expert at how to run a practice like a business. While she thinks it’s tacky to wave around bank balances and dollar amounts, let’s just say she took Metabolic Fitness from nothing to something beyond what she ever dreamed.  Now, she shares everything she knows with clinicians looking to do the same.  

Fun fact: She does all of this while raising 6 amazing children. 

We know you're busy, so we'll cut to the chase. 

Clinician's Code™ is a full-scale digital experience where unrivaled Functional Medicine education meets individualized mentorship. Apply what you learn to your real-life cases with the personal support of Drs. Walsh and our interactive community of clinicians.
If you're a motivated health professional who wants to build a thriving practice with the best results for your clients, you're in the right place.

Here's Everything You Get In Clinician's Code™

  • Over 100 hours of course content..................................(Value $4000)
  • Daily on-demand support ...............................................(Value $10,000)
  • Interactive member community....................................(Value $800) 
  • 12 LIVE Group Calls w/ Drs. Bryan and Julie .............(Value $6000)
  • Entire PracticeUp Content Library ..................................(Value $1500)
  • Exclusive bonus content.........................................................(Value $1000)
  • Intake & assessment form templates .........................(Value $500)
  • SPE-Hours Program (CNS Candidates).......................(Value $5000)
  • Certifications & CEs...................................................................(Value $1000)
  • 2:1 Coaching Call with Drs. Bryan and Julie...............(Value $1000)

TOTAL VALUE: $30,800 



Just $31/day over 6 months!

Or $997/m for 6 months

Apply Now

Here's Everything You Get In Clinician's Code™

  • Over 100 hours of course content
    (Value $4000)
  • Daily on-demand support
    (Value $10,000)
  • Interactive member community
    (Value $800)
  • 12 LIVE Group Calls w/ Drs. Bryan and Julie
    (Value $6000)
  • Entire PracticeUp Content Library
    (Value $1500)
  • Exclusive bonus content (Value $1000)
  • Intake & assessment form templates
    (Value $500)
  • SPE-Hours Program (CNS Candidates)
    (Value $5000)
  • Certifications & CEs
    (Value $1000)
  • 2:1 Coaching Call with Drs. Bryan and Julie
    (Value $1000)

TOTAL VALUE: $30,800 



Just $31/day over 6 months!

Or $997/m for 6 months

Apply Now

"Since Julie helped me restructure my packages and offerings, I've had 16 clients sign up for my highest tier package in just months. Within the first month of Clinician’s Code, it had paid for itself.

I went from “I need more clients” to “What do I do with all these clients?!”

Tommy M.

"With this program, I KNOW I am plugged into current information and challenging my own thinking about how I am evaluating the health and wellness status of my clients and my recommended nutritional therapies. All for the betterment of my clients. I am thrilled to be learning from people who value this as much as I do."

Meagan R.

"This program was AMAZING! I have learned so much from reviewing academic content and figuring out how to APPLY the knowledge to the clients I encounter.The Walsh's go above and beyond in their clinical support, expertise and business-building activities. They are genuine, real people who have a passion for helping others."

Linda M.

"The value is amazing. And what is at the heart of it is the expertise of two amazing doctors who are straightforward, objective, and compassionate. It's a rare and incredible package, and the wealth of knowledge is actually kind of nuts."

Marissa M.

"Why do I love Clinician's Code? Very simple. It's accurate. I don't have to guess where this information came from. I don't have to say “who on the internet is answering a question because they took a 3-month course?” All of the information is scientific, factual, up-to-date, and something I can rely on. That is invaluable."

Debbie S.

"You will not be disappointed with your decision to join. I felt lost, but this program has boosted my confidence in ways that I didn't think possible. "

Christina S.

Today’s the Day You Stop Settling

You don’t have to settle for a business that is kind of successful, with functional medicine protocols that kind of work. 

You don’t have to ask your patients to spend thousands on a bunch of tests and supplements...You can become an expert at identifying what patients need most, saving them time and money, and helping them faster.

You don’t have to endlessly post on social media, hoping for new patients...You can design a business where the patients come to you. 

You don’t have to blindly depend on generic protocols that only work some of the time...You can develop the skills that allow you to evaluate science, discern between good and bad information, and ultimately crack any case that walks through your door.  


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Right Time to Do This Mentorship? 

Honestly… now.

There are more people than ever before looking for answers about their health. They’re searching (often desperately) for competent practitioners to help them.

At the same time, the number of practitioners grows daily (translation: your competition isn’t getting any smaller).

Each day that passes is another day that:

  • Patients are finding another professional to help them with their goals
  • You aren’t getting answers to the questions you have about your current cases that you’re stuck on
  • The lack of systems in your practice is leaving you overworked and underpaid
  • The burnout and frustration continue to grow as you continually search for answers through Google, the seminar circuit, and countless podcasts.
I’m ready. Apply now.