What if your weight loss program was causing chronic disease in your patients? 

Start providing healthier and more effective weight loss programs to your patients today.

The Public Health Crisis You May Not Be Aware Of

Being overweight is well-established as unhealthy and is associated with several adverse health outcomes including type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, poor sleep quality, mental health issues, and even cancer. Because of this, many patients are searching for solutions to achieve a healthy weight, and practitioners are supporting them in this process.

Unfortunately, there is a vital component missing in the management of these cases, which may not only result in sub-optimal clinical outcomes during treatment, but more importantly, long-term health complications in the future.


Dr. Bryan Walsh Presents A New Workshop for Clinicians

The Fat Loss Dilemma

This 90-minute workshop presents scientific research and clinical strategies to alleviate the downfalls of traditional weight loss methods in the functional medicine model. 

Evidence will be presented on: 

  • Why weight loss leads to numerous chronic diseases including type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and dementia
  • The missing component of safe, effective weight reduction and how to easily implement it
  • Biochemical pathways you must support before and during any weight loss program
  • What is mobilized during low-calorie diets to slow metabolism, and how to prevent it from sabotaging progress 

Become confident that you are delivering safe, effective weight loss solutions for your patients. 


What's Included In The Workshop...

You'll Learn the Evidence

Scientific papers are cited throughout so clinicians can feel confident about their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Including:

  • The most critical metabolic impact of hypocaloric diets
  • Causative factors of reduced metabolic processes
  • Chronic conditions associated with weight loss

"Absolutely amazing and jaw dropping through the literature content! Certainly questions what we know and prescribe. - Jace K"

You'll Learn the Science

Pertinent biochemical pathways and physiological principles are covered so the clinician can fully understand why weight loss may be problematic. This includes: 

  • Adipocyte storage characteristics
  • Adipocyte release mechanisms 
  • Xenobiotic metabolism and body system impacts

"This is a game changer. By far the most practical up-to-date information in the functional medicine community." - Gavin G.

You'll Learn Clinical Application

Clinicians not only learn the what (evidence) and the why (science), but also the step-by-step clinical strategy to apply this in practice. This includes:

  • Three principles that are critical for healthy weight loss
  • Supplement strategies (what to give, and what to avoid)
  • A commonly mismanaged aspect of patient care and what to do instead

"I can already envision how I will implement this new information for my current and future clients. - Jeremiah F"

You'll Even Get a Study Guide

Even though you can pause, revisit, and re-watch this workshop, the study guide allows you to feel confident key takeaways aren't missed.

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to apply to clinical practice

"Dr. Walsh consistently demonstrates mastery of the material and integration of multiple teaching modalities to provide the best distance learning experience possible. A great teacher makes all the difference!" - Ryan M.

This Workshop Is For You If...

  • You are a healthcare practitioner
  • You help people to lose weight
  • Providing evidence-based recommendations is important to you
  • You care about doing what is best for your patients

Dr. Bryan Walsh

Our industry has a huge problem and I'm not afraid to say it. There are too many tests, too many supplements, too many protocols, and far too many egos. And the worst part about it, most people don’t realize there is any other way, which results in a frustrating experience for clinicians and patients alike.

I was there too. After graduating from medical school, my wife I struggled for years, wondering what to do with patients, chasing information from experts, and going to seminar after seminar. Finally, by the grace of God, I figured it out. 

I stopped listening to experts, dove deep into the science, and found exactly what I was looking for - answers. First, these answers dramatically improved the success of my practice. Now, I use what I’ve learned to help practitioners just like you build confidence, cut overwhelm, and become successful in functional medicine.

""What an amazing workshop. The research was illuminating. I had wondered why people feel sick after losing weight! Dr. Walsh tells us!" 

- Danielle, DC

"This is so needed and such critical content. This piece on how to best assist the body with all of this in mind has been missing. This is the research and instruction I have been waiting for. Thank you!"

- Kelly, Health Coach

"Thank you! If we don't challenge ourselves we are stuck in the rut of protocols and doing a disservice to our patients. This needs to be taught in medical school, nursing school, etc. Wow!"

- Michelle, DCN

The Fat Loss Dilemma Workshop

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You will receive: 

  • On-Demand Access to The Fat Loss Dilemma, a 90-Minute Online Workshop
  • The Fat Loss Dilemma Study Guide
  • One-Year Unlimited Access for one user

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