Learn The TRUTH About Detoxification, Based On Science!

Most So-Called Detoxification Programs Have No Evidence And Are A Waste Of Money.

Detoxification is a buzz-word today and most detoxification programs are based on loose science at best.  According to research, many of the detoxification supplements people are using not only might not do anything to help detoxify the body, but actually slows down detoxification pathways.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Detoxification looks to the scientific literature about detoxification to find a better way of detoxifying our bodies, the scientific way.

New Course Reveals: Why You've Probably Been Doing Detoxification Wrong

With the information contained in this course, you’ll be able to confidently offer detoxification programs and information to your clients and patients.  Not silly, unsubstantiated practices without any scientific evidence, but solid protocols based on research.

Over 7 hours of video taking you from A-to-Z about detoxification.  From how toxic we are, to whether or not the dose of a toxin matters, to how chemicals cause damage, to the best scientifically-validated toxicity assessment tools, to what to do - it's all there, and then some!

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In This Course You Will Learn...



  • How Toxic We Are

    What does the science say about how toxic we are?  Is there any solid evidence of our exposure to toxins?

  • Does The Dose Matter?

    We’re told regarding toxins that “The dose makes the poison.”  Find out what the science says about whether this age-old adage is right or not.

  • Is There Synergism?

    What does the scientific literature say about the effects of multiple low-dose chemicals on our physiology?

  • The Physiology of Detoxification

    Learn the physiology and biochemistry of detoxification, like you’ve never heard before.  For example, did you know there are more than three phases of detoxification?

  • How Do We Assess Toxicity?

    You’ll learn the best way to assess your clients for toxicity, based on the science.  (Hint:  Most of the lab tests are a little more than a waste of money.)

  • What To Do: 21st Century Detoxification

    After learning all about detoxification, you’ll get a detoxification program based on the scientific literature.

You’ll receive a science-based detoxification program to use on your patients and clients!

I have read over 100 scientific papers to help create what I consider to be the most evidence-based, scientifically-founded detoxification program for patients and clients interested in reducing their toxic burden.  And I'm going to share it with you!

This expert-level information will instantly position you as an industry leader.

This course teaches you how to think, instead of merely memorizing protocols.  You will LEARN and UNDERSTAND the information so you can think for yourself and be empowered as a practitioner.

  • Comprehension

    This course doesn’t ask you to memorize the information, it teaches you the information so that you’ll develop a FULL understanding of the material.

  • Application

    The information you learn in this course is directly applicable to your patients, moments after finishing the videos.  You can apply what you learned right away.

  • Evaluation

    Armed with your new knowledge from this course, you will be able to critically evaluate lab testing, scientific papers, and will be an expert in detoxification.

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