How Much Do You Know About Vitamin D, Really? 

All Health Professionals Must Know:

  • There's Strong Evidence AGAINST Current Practices in Vitamin D Testing, Supplementation, and Protocols
  • Most Practitioners are Missing Essential Clinical Considerations to Comprehensively Approach Vitamin D
  • There is a Responsible, Research-Based, Step-By-Step Strategy to Address Vitamin D

"If this isn't a game-changer in the functional medicine paradigm, I don't know what else could be! The amount of time and effort put into this presentation must have been immense. I am honored to have been able to watch, learn, and grow into a better practitioner.” - Sara, CNS


We know your time is valuable so we'll cut to the chase >>>

There is a big problem with how we're handling Vitamin D in the functional medicine industry right now. 

Actually, there are FOUR BIG PROBLEMS.

Problem #1

Testing Dependability

Problem #2

Reference Range Inconsistency

Problem #3

Supplementation Variability

Problem #4

Protocol Fallacy

We're putting an end to this right here and now.

After reviewing over hundreds of research papers on this, we can confidently say there is a better, more scientifically accurate way to approach Vitamin D.

All Functional Medicine Practitioners Need to Know: 

In Just 90 Minutes, You Will Learn:  

  • How Different Tests Give You Different Results (And Which to Use)

  • Hidden Influences of Vitamin D that You Don’t See on A Test 

  • Why Just Measuring 25(OH)D is Incomplete + Other Markers to Keep on Your Radar

  • How 5 Major Organizations Conflict in their Vitamin D Recommendations

  • 5 Reasons Why Determining Vitamin D is More Complicated than You've Been Taught

  • 12 Reasons Why Low Vitamin D Is Not Low Vitamin D

  • 2 Stories of Vitamin D Toxicity, One Thing to Be Aware of, And How to Avoid It

  • My Main Concern with Vitamin D Supplementation

  • 3 Common Conditions When Vitamin D is Contraindicated

  • A Condition that Early Vitamin D Supplementation Has Been Associated With

  • A Safe Dose for Vitamin D, Based on Research

  • My Step-By-Step Method to Approaching Vitamin D in Your Patients 

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"Thank you! If we don’t challenge ourselves we are stuck in the rut of protocols and doing a disservice to our patients! This needs to be taught!"


Get instant access to the Vitamin D Workshop digital course materials for only $97. You'll get up to date on the advanced science and strategy on this important topic so you know exactly what to do with your patients. 

Get up to date on this advanced science and strategy in just 90 minutes so you know exactly what to do with your patients.


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