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Metabolic Fitness Master Program 

Are you a health or fitness professional looking to learn Functional Medicine in the most efficient way possible? 

We help you get better results with your clients to ultimately build the successful, sustainable business you've always imagined.


What You Get:

  • Our Core & Foundational Courses: The Cell Blueprint, Level I Nutritional Biochemistry, Level II Functional Physiology, and Level III Blood Chemistry Interpretation (Value: $2,688)
  • A Focused Course of your choice - Detoxification, Glucose, or Mitochondria (Value $997)
  • Nine months in our exclusive Membership Program, including the interactive forum and brand-new, cutting-edge clinical content monthly (Value: $873)
  • Nine months of case-study based education with our Mentorship program (Value: $5,497)
  • Live Monthly Calls to ask questions, discuss cases, and engage in clinical discussion (Value: $2,250)

Total Value: $12,305

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10X Your Knowledge and CATAPULT Your Clinical Success

Does multiplying your knowledge while simultaneously increasing your clinical success in nine months sound impossible?

Not at all, with the Metabolic Fitness Master Program.

In just nine months, you will not even recognize the practitioner you have become in your knowledge and expertise in the world of Functional Medicine.  

✅ You'll be making more informed clinical decisions

✅ You'll understand more of what you read and hear

✅ Heck, you may even come up with some new theories of your own!

We literally take you from A-to-Z through all of our main courses, one specialized course, nine months of Membership and all it's perks, AND nine months of Mentorship - all to help get you where you want to be as a practitioner, faster.

Do you know how long it takes to reinvent the wheel? 

Exactly.  No one does because nobody wants to put in the work or effort.

The same is true for being an expert practitioner.  It takes time, effort, persistence, and dedication. 

Why not shorten the learning curve and learn from someone who has put in all the time, effort, and hard work for you? 

Get Connected, Stay Connected

Whether you are just getting started, or are a seasoned practitioner, our Master Program program is the most cost effective way to get access to our courses, the latest research in the world of Functional Medicine, all while connecting with us and other great minds in the industry.

The Purpose of the Metabolic Fitness Masters Program is Two-Fold

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To Equip You to Become the Most Confident, Knowledgeable, Capable Health Practitioner Possible

We know functional and nutritional medicine has gotten crowded and confusing, consider this program your lifeline to rise out of the chaos. Let us create the successful practice you’ve always dreamed of…not because you’re killing yourself trying to be popular on social media, but because you actually know what you’re doing.

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To Raise the Bar in the Health & Wellness Industry

Our industry is growing bigger, but it’s not necessarily getting better. We have more supplements, more testing, and more practitioners than ever before but to be brutally honest, the consistent clinical success just isn’t there.

Many practitioners are either barely scraping by or are on total burnout mode from trying to balance actually helping patients while getting new ones. When we as practitioners do better, our industry does better, and that automatically brings in as many patients you need to build the sustainable practice of your dreams.

Have you been burned by over-promised, under-delivered programs and seminars?

Us too.  It seems there’s more of them out there than ever before. But we give you our word, we’re different.

We accomplish this quite simply - By equipping you with the most cutting-edge, scientifically-grounded, unbiased information available today.

We’re Different.

First of all, this is OUR information. You are getting the evidence-based laboratory reference ranges we put together through hundreds of research papers. You are getting our model of health, The Cell Blueprint, that we developed. We all know how the game of telephone worked in grade school, and to be honest, it’s not much different in the functional medicine and nutrition industry. It’s a lot of jumbled up hearsay.

Secondly, we don’t pass you off to an under-paid “coach”. We are with you every step of the way of this program. We believe in community, connection, and high-level mentorship.

Thirdly, we teach you to fish. After this program, you will be equipped to handle your practice on your own, you won’t be at the mercy of protocols that don’t work or dependent on us for extra information.

The Metabolic Fitness Masters Program gives you the knowledge and skills you need to transform your practice by improving the health of others through functional medicine.

How Does the Program Work?

One week before the program kicks off, you’ll start receiving your welcome materials AND your very first course, The Cell Blueprint. You can dive in right away!

You’ll also get access to your personalized Metabolic Fitness Library, which you can access from your favorite device anytime, anywhere.

And you’ll be welcomed into the Metabolic Fitness Membership forum, where you can introduce yourself and meet your fellow classmates.

Each week, you’ll know exactly what course modules to work through with our fully-outlined study calendar.

Each month, we’ll come together for our Mentorship call to fill in any gaps, answer any questions, and solidify learning.

You never have to guess when you are learning.

Each module has an associated quiz to help you with retention. At the end of each course, there is a final exam for you to earn a certificate of completion.

And other people won’t have to guess if you’re learning either.

At the end of each course, there is a final exam for you to take at your convenience. If you pass with greater than 75%, you earn a certificate of completion. Many of our students use these certificates of completion for CEU credits.

Become Metabolic Fitness Certified

But you don’t just have the opportunity to complete coursework with us, you have the opportunity to get certified as well. At the end of each course, apply the knowledge you gained to a certification assessment. 

Once you achieve certification status, we award you a digital badge to display on your website as well as a listing on our practitioner-approved directory.

What Do You Get?

(What don’t you get is more like it…)

The Cell Blueprint – Our exclusive, easy-to-implement, evidence-based intake system that allows you to streamline your patient approach and confidently determine the best clinical direction in the very first appointment.

Access to Our Exclusive Membership Community – You’ll learn alongside an extremely supportive, engaged group of fellow practitioners. Connect daily to ask questions or get feedback whenever you need it.

Level 1: Nutritional Biochemistry – Unlock the secrets to how everything works in this industry (the human body, diets, supplements, lab testing) so you’ll never have to blindly rely on someone else’s word for it again.

Live, Monthly Mentorship Calls – Hop on with us every month to ask questions, discuss cases, and engage in clinical discussion.

Level II: Functional Physiology – Unlock the mysteries of health and disease from a scientific, physiological perspective. With an understanding of the interconnectedness of the systems of the body you can map out where the defect is and identify where to target your interventions.

Certificate of Completion for Every Course – Receive a certificate of completion for every course, outlining the hours you’ve dedicated to your studies.

Level III: Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation - Blood chemistry is the most accurate, cost-effective, comprehensive, and scientifically-validated laboratory test if you know how to interpret it correctly. Come learn the first truly evidence-based course on the physiology and interpretation of blood chemistry.

Certification And Digital Badges - Proudly display our digital badges on your website to let your patients, clients and customers that you haven't just watched a course and answered some quiz questions, but applied your knowledge to clinical case studies.  

A Focused Course of your Choice – Get the latest that science has to offer on the topic you’re most interested from one of our advanced courses in Detoxification, Glucose, or Mitochondria

1-Year Business Listing on the Metabolic Fitness Website – We have people reach out to us daily asking if we know of a local practitioner they should work with. With a business listing on our website, they’ll be able to find you directly!



"To have received such an amazing amount of evidence-based information as a scholarship recipient has been the absolute, most important, #1 aspect of this past year for me."
~ Andrea Borella

"I’m loving all of the classes! LOVING! Amazing content, and you make me laugh and make the information fun to learn :-)  I wish I could just download all this information into my brain faster, ha ha."
~ Rebekka Maestre

“Y’all really are raising the bar and I’m honored to be a part of your tribe! Loving every bit of the content y’all are putting out! I literally want to go through all the videos over and over until I’m as cool as Bryan.”
~ Brendan Vermeire

"I enjoy his enthusiasm! Plus, I always learn a clinical pearl I apply to my FM clients! "
~ Dr. Kevin Yates


We have people come to us who have done $20K guru programs, $50K masters programs, or $100K doctorate programs. They spent gobs of time and money but are still struggling with their business, feeling like they don’t know enough to help people.

Other people have been attending seminars for years. They have no idea how much money and time they’ve put into chasing protocols and clinical pearls, but no matter how much they learn, they always seem to have more questions than answers.


We do it differently.

Our program is a fraction of those prices and we have been told (repeatedly) provides much higher value.

With the tools, skills, and strategies we teach, you can apply them for a lifetime of practice. While we can't make guarantees, there is no reason why you can not earn back your investment after the program is over, if not during the program.


The Metabolic Fitness Master Program Is Now Open

10x your knowledge, catapult your clinical success, and take your practice to the next level. 


Schedule a call to learn more  AND Save $500 off of your enrollment!

This is a small-group experience, so spots are limited. 

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