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PracticeUP provides you with evidence-based information so you can gain confidence in your clinical decision-making and immediately implement what you learn to improve your practice as quickly as possible.

I'm Dr. Bryan Walsh and I want you to know I've been there, stuck in the confusion of functional medicine - not knowing what supplements to give, which tests to run, or what to do with my patients. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

Achieve clinical clarity, confidence, and consistent success. 

Stop struggling with conflicting information. Shift your focus to science and research, rather than popular opinion and protocols. This program is unlike anything you've tried before.

Focused Clinical Strategies

We don’t want you to become better at memorizing protocols, we empower you with tools you need to strategically help your patients.  

Research Immersed

Rather than cherry-picking studies to support a bias or glossing over abstracts, we thoroughly read hundreds of research papers so you don’t have to.

Address Core Issues

We cure shiny object syndrome by re-directing your approach with the physiological heavy hitters that most practitioners miss.

No More Guesswork

While individualized medicine will always have an element of clinical trial and error, a strong scientific foundation greatly improves clinical decision-making.

Fits Your Schedule

While we deliver new content monthly, you can access all the member content, all the time. Watch as much as you want, as many times as you want, when you want.

Transformational Support

In most groups, everyone is there for themselves, giving answers to look smart, feel smart, or sell you something. Instead, we care about your success. 

Dominik Kugler, Trainer

"The way you think alone is a great sign you are an incredible teacher. not in terms of following you blindly, but to learn with someone who is knowledgeable with incredible critical thinking and wisdom. You are doing an amazing job and I am glad that I have the honor to learn from you. Thank you for this experience."   

Every Month You're Delivered Cutting-Edge Content that Immediately Helps You Help Your Patients. Better.

Stand out from the crowd with brand-new content that most practitioners haven't even heard of. Some of our past content (which you'll get full access to) includes: 

You get so much more than just content...

Each month you get everything you need to turn what you learn into your patient success stories.

Expert Interviews

Our industry is riddled with the same voices re-circulating the same information. We interview true experts who have dedicated their lives to research that matters.

Exclusive Clinical Content

Hot off the research presses, we'll bring you in-depth information on the latest research relevant to the Functional and Nutritional Medicine industry.  And it isn't just a sugar-coated, email length, press release.  It is a detailed look at clinically relevant studies to help make you a better practitioner.

Nutritional Approaches

Learn how to identify, evaluate, and address nutrient deficiencies and excesses that are negatively impacting your cases. 

Supplement Recommendations

Our patients are in a state of supplement overload. Learn how to provide targeted supplement strategies and avoid the pitfalls of generic protocols.

Testing and Evaluation Strategies

With the ever-increasing options of available lab tests, it's getting harder to make the best decisions for our patients. We teach you which tests to run, which labs to trust, and how to interpret the results.

Physiological Mechanisms

While the physiology behind symptoms is important, it can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. We provide just enough details so you can feel confident and make informed clinical decisions.

Q+A Support

What's great content without the ability to ask questions? Ask your questions on the content we cover and receive thoughtful, unbiased, supportive answers in the forum. 

A Like-Minded Community of Professionals

Practicing functional medicine can feel like practicing in a silo. Our forum provides the opportunity to network with fellow professionals, engage in intelligent dialogue, and feel connected as you navigate the highs and lows of running a business. 

* PLUS *

As a member, you get some incredible BONUSES to ensure you gain all the knowledge, tools, and skills for success!

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Member-Only Free Tickets to  Every Live Workshop 

Bonus 2

Member-Only Discounts on ALL Metabolic Fitness Courses

Want to know why most of the education you've probably already tried DIDN'T work?

Most Functional Medicine Education is Limited Because:

It’s Biased – Most education is just marketing to drive supplement, lab, or book sales.

It’s Protocol-Based – If the end goal is to blindly follow a protocol, you’ll never acquire the skills you need to navigate real cases.

It’s Outdated – University learning has its role but is limited due to formalities, budget constraints, and reliance on outdated textbooks.

It’s Repetitive – There are far too many stories and unsubstantiated catchphrases that are mindlessly passed along.

Learning Through PracticeUP is Different  Because:

➔ We're Bias-Free – Our only goal is to discover the best, most accurate information out there and when we find it, pass it along to you.

We're Up To Date – We scour the latest scientific literature daily, listen to the conversations researchers are having, and deliver those fresh insights to you. 

We're Complete – We ground your understanding in the necessary physiology so you can fully master what is being taught, without question.

➔ We give Strategies, Not Tactics - Protocol memorization limits your success. Instead, we provide strategies to accommodate personalized healthcare.

Feeling skeptical? We get it, but you don't need to be. Here are three things our members thought before joining, but since changed their mind.

I don't have the time to learn.

Time is a commodity and in short supply today, that's why we do the research for you and distill it down into manageable monthly lessons. All you need to do is listen + implement.

I don't know if this is for me. 

People from all disciplines, demographics, and levels of experience gain from what we teach. Whether you're just starting out or have been doing this for decades, if you are looking to grow clinically, this is for you. 

What if I already know this stuff? 

Most of our industry re-tells and re-purposes the same information. We don't. We do our own research, draw our own conclusions, and bring fresh insights to help you better help your patients.

Imagine what it will feel like when:

  • You confidently know what tests your patient needs and which are a waste of money.
  • You decisively recommend targeted supplement protocols based on science, not what's currently trending.
  • You methodically direct your cases, rather than haphazardly stumbling over the next steps.
  • You resolutely support your clinical decisions based on research, not hearsay.
  • You steadily grow your reputation and your business because of your recognizable knowledge, not your social media skills.

What would it be worth to you, to feel the satisfaction, sense of achievement, and gratification of knowing you're growing better every month? 

Here's what it's meant to others...

Sally Courtney, Nutritionist

"Other subscriptions simply summarise the information, you do so much more; the distillation, cross-referencing and insights you generate are on another level.

I know this is going to make me a better practitioner for my clients."

Jeremiah Farias, Nutritionist

"Not only is the information incredible, but the cost is an absolute steal! The depth and quality of the content Drs. Julie and Bryan Walsh provide is unlike anything else out there."

Travis Zipper, Functional Medicine Practitioner

"I have been part of countless membership programs and over twenty, 6 month plus certifications courses and the depth and reliability you deliver is hands down one of the best if not the best that I have ever been apart of."

Linda Mench, Nutritionist

"This was incredible and such a deep dive...WOW! Thank you for the clinical nuggets and taking the time to review the physiology." 

Every month in practiceUP, you will:

  • Gain confidence in your clinical decision making
  • Grow in your ability to read, understand, and apply research
  • Sharpen your ability to easily identify what supplements, lab tests, and information is worth it, and what isn’t
  • Know that you're among the most well-informed practitioners out there

Bring in a stream of new clients, build your reputation, and stand out in your industry with the right education in Functional Medicine, delivered monthly to your inbox.

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