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The Cell Blueprint™

If you've ever found yourself confused about Functional Medicine, wondering, "Where do I start with this patient?"  The Cell Blueprint™ can help.

The industry is more confusing than ever. Practitioners are finding that their current education isn't providing the answers they need to navigate the onslaught of information that is available today. The Cell Blueprint™ provides the clinical direction you are looking for to achieve consistent, repeatable success.



Lessons: 3 Modules

Length: 3.5 hours

Stop Guessing and Start Knowing

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Have You Ever Felt Like You Can Never Learn Enough? 

You listen to as many different seminars, podcasts, and articles from industry "experts" as you can. But at the end of the day, each one has taught you something different to focus on with your patients - adrenal fatigue, gut dysfunction, toxicity, hormone dysregulation, vitamin deficiency, the list goes on.

You're Smart, Motivated, and Dedicated... 
You Think You Can Fix This.

You go to a thyroid seminar, learn that there are thyroid receptors on every cell of the body, and if the thyroid isn't working well, nothing else will either, and you need to first fix the thyroid.

Then, you go back to your patients, try to fix their thyroid, but they still have symptoms

So, you attend a brain seminar. This time, you learn that the brain runs everything in the body, including the thyroid and the gastrointestinal tract. If the brain isn't functioning optimally, nothing else will work correctly.

You go back to your patients and recommend a brain protocol. Unfortunately, this doesn't fix their symptoms either. And now, they're getting frustrated at you. 

So, you do some research and learn that the gastrointestinal tract has potent influences on brain function, and if you have an unhealthy gut or microbiome, that the brain will not function properly.

Back to the patient, this time to you  recommend a gut protocol you read from an "experts" popular blog. Guess what? The gut protocol didn't work either. But this time, you never hear from the patient again. 

You keep researching because you don't want to make this mistake again. You read that that liver dysfunction causes sub-clinical anxiety, depression, and poor cognition.

“I am writing to express my gratitude for offering this Seminar at a time in my life and career when I needed it most. ”


Christina Marino | Certified Integrative Nutrition and Functional Medicine Health Coach  

But No Matter How Hard You Try, You End Up With More Questions than Answers

"Wait! I thought poor thyroid function caused depression?! And I heard that I couldn't fix the thyroid until I fix the adrenals. And if the adrenals are run by the nervous system, but the gut impacts the brain, and gut dysfunction can be due to liver issues, and the liver needs healthy thyroid function, but the thyroid is dysfunctional due environmental chemicals . . . aaaaarrrrggg!!!"

See? All this information, while it seems amazing, leads to confusion. 

No matter how much you learn, it feels like it's never enough. And when it comes time to see a new patient, you feel like you're guessing, rather than confidently knowing how to help them.

Most Expert Advice, Intake Processes, and Questionnaires are Great at Giving Us A Lot of Information But Not Great at Helping Us Choose a Clinical Direction. 

Think about it. We are taught to have an intake form process. On it, we ask great questions like what medications they are they on and what they ate for the last three days. Heck, we even ask about their bowel habits. 

But you know what happens after that? 

Practitioners GUESS What to Do With Their Patients

They don't like to admit it, but it's true. And it isn't necessarily their fault - the whole industry is confusing. And quite frankly, practitioners aren't taught how to prioritize a clinical approach to complex patients. 

While the industry has made up "workarounds" such as niching, protocols, or systematizing your approach, it doesn't make up for the fact that if you can't figure out what's wrong, you can't help someone. Period.

Stop Guessing and Start Knowing Today

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Practicing Functional Medicine Doesn't Have to Be This Way. 

You didn't get into this business to feel confused, lack confidence, and fail patients. You got into this business to help people. And with the Cell Blueprint, you can. 

We Figured Out How to Stop Guessing and Start Knowing, and Want to Share it With You

We looked to science for a repeatable, dependable method to approach every client with confidence.

It's as simple as this - we're all made up of cells. Every tissue, every organ, every organ system, and every person is made up of cells. Therefore, if the cells aren't healthy, the person isn't healthy. Rather than chasing symptoms and applying protocols to every issue presented, by backtracking to cellular health you simplify your approach and improve patient outcomes. Less guessing, less supplements, less testing, less feeling like a failure.  Our method, The Cell Blueprint™, is an easy-to-implement, reliable system that allows you to streamline your patient approach and confidently determine the best clinical direction in the very first appointment. 

We've applied The Cell Blueprint™ to countless clients to successfully improve their health, and you can too. 

How Does It Work? 

Simple. All you need to do is plug the Cell Blueprint questionnaire into to your existing intake process. This is an easy-to-complete, three-page, evidence-based, 150 question assessment that a patient can fill out in under ten minutes. Once your patients answer the questions, you complete The Cell Blueprint evaluation form, which will show you, based on their symptoms, which areas that their Cell Blueprint needs the most work. 

With this clear clinical direction, the only thing left to do is apply your knowledge and expertise to their treatment plan. Whether you're a health coach, a nutritionist, or a doctor, this navigation system is adaptable to you.

“I have 3 bachelors degrees and one masters degree and I think your and Bryan's seminar was much more valuable than most of my education, definitely, a better value. ”


Randy Evans | MS, RDN, LD

Course Details

Module 1
The Cell Blueprint Explained

We don't want you to just memorize, we to help you build a rock-solid foundation so that you can apply this knowledge in your sleep. In this module, you will learn how the Levels of Organization unlock clinical direction.  You'll learn each area of Cell Blueprint™ so you can apply it and explain it with confidence and ease.

Module 2
The Cell Blueprint Assessed

Time to put The Cell Blueprint™ into action. In this module, you will learn how to use the Assessment Form and Interpretation Guide. However, we don't just want you to use it, we want you to know it, so you can apply it accurately. With that, we also dive into each section of these forms so you fully understand where to go with each patient. 

Module 3
The Cell Blueprint Examples

Now that you know the method and how to apply it, it's time for case studies. In this module, you pull up a chair to see real-world case studies in our practice using The Cell Blueprint Assessment Form and Interpretation Guide. This includes the follow-up testing that was done based on the findings.  You will see first-hand how easy and valuable this system is in clinical practice.

“You are a GENIUS! Period!  After taking all your courses, I can't seem to find any course that satisfies my brain like yours, no matter where I go or pay.”


Khaled Dewan | Health and Nutrition Coach, Egypt

After taking this course, you will have tools and foundation for CLINICAL SUCCESS. You get:

  1. Three Hours of Video Instruction to Understand the Science and Successfully Implement The Cell Blueprint™ in Your Practice Right Away
  2. Case Studies to Show Dr. Walsh's Clinical Application of The Cell Blueprint™
  3. A three-page, 150 question Cell Blueprint™ Questionnaire to see what area of the cell is dysfunctional, so you know exactly where to start with your patients.
  4. The Cell Blueprint Interpretation Guide to help educate your patients on their issues and let them see for themselves precisely what they need to feel better.
  5. Numerous case studies from my practice to show you how useful and effective the Cell Blueprint is. 
  6. reliable system and process to help give you accurate, repeatable, and clear clinical direction with every client.
  7. Lifetime Access of the Material (for the life of the course) to Re-watch and Re-Learn as Many Times As You'd Like
  8. Certificate of Training to Demonstrate Your New Skill and Accomplishment as a Cell Blueprint™ Practitioner
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We Make it Easy for You to Show Off Your New Skills.

When you complete the course, you will receive an impressive Certificate of Completion that lets everyone know the time you have invested in your professional development. Hang it on your wall, put it on your website, use it in your marketing, and/or send it in to your continuing education organization to earn CEUs.* 

*Check with your organization's requirements to confirm approval.

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Stop Guessing and Start Knowing Today

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