Four Modules. Over 100+ hours of education. A complete A-Z educational program on Functional Physiology, Biochemistry and Nutrition.

mf_flowMetabolic Fitness is broken down into four courses.  It takes you from the basics of nutrition and biochemistry, to advanced testing and evaluation for your clients and patients.

Each Course has fifteen modules.  After each module there is a short quiz which, once passed, allows you to move on to consecutive modules and videos.

Then, once you successfully complete all fifteen modules of Level 1, you will automatically receive a certificate as a Metabolic Fitness Level 1 Practitioner.  After successful completion of Level 1, you can move on to Level 2 – Functional Physiology.

You can go through the courses as quickly or slowly as you want.  But however you do it, you will have the equivalent of few graduate level courses under your belt, an infinite supply of new information to better help your clients and patients, and will have received a certificate of completion as a Metabolic Fitness Practitioner.

You can’t lose.  You can only win.  But not only will you win, your clients and your business will win, too.

Below is a brief overview of the modules.  Click on the Courses tab above to learn more details about each course.












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