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It's One Of The Biggest Mistakes In The Health Industry

Are You Doing It Wrong, Too?

Finally, a detoxification program built on science for the 21st Century.

When it comes to detoxification, people fall into one of two categories, those that HAVE detoxed, and those that have NOT.  The bad news is - either way, you've probably made a mistake.



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You Are Toxic

Ever since you were a fetus, you’ve been exposed to toxins. That’s right. You don’t even have to take your first breath before you meet your first toxin. Every day, we are exposed to more and more toxins. They are impossible to avoid.

Sure, you can make some changes to your life and reduce your exposure, but xenobiotics are an inevitable part of life today.

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Actively Detoxifying Is Crucial For Optimal Health

Fortunately our body has a built-in detoxification system to help cope with getting rid of things we don't need. The problem is, we are so inundated with these xenobiotics today, many of them get stored in a variety of tissues.

The scientific literature is clear on this – we all have exposure, and a great many of us have these of us. And many of these toxins do cause problems. Everything from disrupting our hormones, nervous system, to causing cell damage, and even impairing our own detoxification systems.

If you want optimal health, you want to get rid of these out of your system as much as possible.

Most Detoxification Programs Are A Waste Of Time

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Did you know carrots and apples might inhibit detoxification pathways?

Did you know common detoxification ingredients may actually slow down detoxification?

Or have you heard that most programs miss a critical piece of detoxification, leaving you to potentially re-exposing yourself to toxins your body stored?

Detoxification is a buzz-word today and most detoxification programs are based on loose science and research, many of the detoxification supplements people are using not only might not do anything for your body, but actually slows down detoxification pathways.

This Program Is Different

There are basic scientific principles that must be followed for a detoxification program to be effective and there are three things that must be present, and few detoxification programs address all three. They are:

  • Mobilization. A good detoxification must be focused on releasing stored toxins from cells.
  • Detoxification. All four phases of detoxification must be working optimally to metabolize toxins (this includes avoiding
    nutrients that inhibit detox pathways.)
  • Excretion. Once toxins have been mobilized and metabolized, they must be excreted.

If any of these three elements are not addressed, it is not a detoxification program. The Walsh Detoxification Program attempts to maximize all three of these elements for optimal and efficient removal of stored toxins.

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How This Program Is Unique

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Based On Science

I have read over 100 scientific papers to help create what I consider to be the most evidence-based, scientifically-founded detoxification program for people interested in reducing their toxic burden.

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Fits Into A Busy Lifestyle

It is only 10 days long.  And in that time you will know exactly how to eat, exercise, and sauna.  It is easy to prep meals in advance and exercise/sauna time can be completed in an hour.

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This program, teaches you the principles of detoxification so you can do it on your own.  Once you learn how to properly detoxify, you can do it yourself for years to come.

You'll Learn EXACTLY How to Detox the Right Way

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10 Day Nutrition Program

Step-by-step, detailed instructions of exactly what ingredients to buy to make your simple detox recipes.

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Exercise/Sauna Protocol

You’ll know specifically how to exercise and sauna for optimal

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Discounted Supplements

You receive a link to purchase all the supplements yourself, at a discounted price.

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Nutrition Calculator

A calculator to figure out exactly
how much to eat while on the
program, to tailor the program to
your individual needs.

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Hydration Calculator

We're tired of the “drink half your body weight in ounces” mumbo jumbo. This calculation tells you how much extra water to drink during your sauna sessions.

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Video Lectures

I want to put an end to the blind leading the blind. These videos cover the science of the program, so you learn not only how to do it, but why you’re doing it.

You'll Also Learn WHY this is Integral to You

  • What is Detoxification, Really.
  • What Science Says About
  • How Toxic We Are
  • How Low Dose Chemicals Are Affecting Your Health
  • How Your Daily Routines Are Building Up Your Toxic Load
  • About Your Body’s Own Detoxification Pathways and How to Optimize Them
  • How to Assess Your Own Toxicity & Stop Wasting Money on Tests that Don’t Work
  • My (Never Before Available to the General Public) Walsh Detoxification Protocol

Not only will you have an incredible working knowledge of each biochemical pathway, you’ll actually understand how the pathways work to the point that you can have educated conversations with your colleagues about them (or know more than them!).

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What People Are Saying

Holy cow. I honestly can't believe how flat my stomach is right now. I mean, I started out a fit person but always had that extra layer after having children. Not

~ Julie W.

I'm doing your detox program and am on day 4. Feeling amazing and excited to share my results and help my clients with this!

~ David S.

I ordered your Detox course and it is exceptional! Love the way you communicate and teach.

~ Wendy M.

My arsenic levels were consistently beyond the reference range, at a number which was just shown as greater than maximum (so I don't know how high above the range it was). After doing just two full rounds of the course over 2 months, my skin and dandruff issues got much better, and my arsenic level actually got to the middle of the range! Just wanted to say thanks for providing me with something that works and is helping me improve my health!

~ Y.T.

I’m stunned by your Detox course. It’s magnificent – for all of the reasons that you already know:  it’s never been done before, it’s an incredibly important topic since IMO environmental toxins are the #1 threat to health these days and are, along with wrong diet, THE cause of autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases.

~ Bill W.

I finished the 10 day program and wanted to write in to share my feedback. My joints are no longer aching and I feel
more energetic than I have in a long time. I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it through the fasting period but your tips on making the vegetables into a
soup was exactly what I needed to hear to make this doable. The support from a Naturopathic Doctor during a program
made it more than worth it.

~ Jennifer Z.

“Dr. Bryan Walsh is a naturopathic physician extensively trained in molecular biological pathways. I took his course and believe it's probably one of the best out there.”


Dr. Joseph Mercola | Founder, 

This Is A Tremendous Value! 

  1. The cost is only a fifth of my normal hourly rate to see me as a patient.
  2. It is a mere fraction of the cost of other (ineffective) programs out there.
  3. You'll never have to buy another detoxification program again.
  4. You can repeat the program as many times as you like on your own!
Walsh Detoxification Program

The Walsh Detoxification Program  

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