Elephants + Pandemics. Detoxification. Neuroglial Cells.

Jun 7 / Drs. Bryan & Julie Walsh
What can a story about a baby elephant teach us during a pandemic? Detoxification is still being done incorrectly. And learn our secret weapon to cracking cases. 

Pandemic Proof

The world is going bonkers, right? Don't worry, we are NOT here to shove our political views down your throat. There's plenty of that to go around already. Instead, we want to tell you a story. Have you ever heard the story about the baby elephant?

You know, where the trainer ties the baby elephant to a small tree with a small rope, so he can’t escape. It works because he is little. But even when he becomes a full-grown elephant, more than capable of breaking the rope and ripping the tree out of the ground, he never even attempts it, because he was conditioned he can't?
We've been thinking about this lately with recent events. Have we all been trained in helplessness? What about dependence?

Think about it.
  • Going to the grocery store is the only way to get food.
  • Going to an office is the only way to make money.
  • Going to a school building is the only way to learn.
  • Going to the gym is the only way to exercise.

We need to unlearn helplessness and dependency, and relearn self-reliance.

That's NOT Detoxification

Just the other day someone tagged us in a post where someone was still recommending obsolete and incorrect information about detoxification. 

Yikes! As much as we've talked about this, people are still operating on old, outdated, invalid information.

The scientific literature is pretty clear that a wide variety of herbs, compounds, or ingredients – ones commonly used in detoxification programs (yes, we’re looking at you Gweneth) – likely inhibit detoxification. In other words, the “detoxification” program you’re following, or supplement you’re taking, may not be detoxifying a thing.

And, could be making things worse. How?

Let’s say you’re following a low-calorie, or fasting, diet on your detoxification program. Stored xenobiotics are likely being mobilized out to some degree. If detoxification pathways are inhibited, you will be less likely to clear these stored toxins out of your system, and there is evidence that they might go into other tissues.
Based on the scientific literature, some of the worst culprits are curcumin, green tea extract, resveratrol, quercetin, and milk thistle.  
Here’s how it works. There are four phases to detoxification – first, bringing a toxin into a cell, then two phases of conversion, and lastly, the now conjugated toxin leaving the cell. Chemotherapeutic drugs are toxic. Really toxic. Consider that our sample toxin for now.

Researchers are trying to figure out how to keep chemotherapeutic drugs inside cells longer so they can kill cancer better. Makes sense, right? Do you know what researchers are using to try to block these drugs (toxins) from leaving a cell? Curcumin, green tea extract, resveratrol, quercetin, and milk thistle.

These things block detoxification. Researchers know it, which is why they are using them for research. But for some reason, people in the nutrition industry continue to miss the mark with this. 

And if you think, “Well, I don’t take any of those things when I detox because I do a juice fast,” concentrates of apple, tomato, carrots, and celery have been shown to inhibit certain detoxification pathways, too.

Listen, please don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying any of these things are inherently bad. It’s all about context. But, there is a good chance they inhibit detoxification and therefore don’t have a place in a detoxification program. Also, we’re not out to prove anyone wrong, we’re interested in seeking the truth, and spreading it.

What's Our Secret Weapon? 

You've been asking us how we do things. 

We shared that 
The Cell Blueprint™ is the foundation of our intake process.

We shared how we evaluate every patient with a simple blood chemistry test and our unique reference ranges, the first scientifically-valid optimal reference ranges in the industry, using a basic blood chemistry panel in Blood Chemistry Interpretation.

Now, we're sharing how we easily and efficiently make recommendations for every client individually without EVER relying on protocols. 
The secret? Knowledge of Functional Physiology. 
Really. That is the secret. 

It separates the practitioners who know what they're doing from those who just follow protocols. 

We're sharing ALL of it with you now in our new course, Functional Physiology which you'll be able to take as part of our Clinician's Code Advanced Professional Certificate. It's on the final stages of the production line now, but
here is a sample lesson for you: Neuroglial Cells Explained. In it is a solid explanation of the four major neuroglial cells, how they function, and how they are involved in the health of the central nervous system.
You'll never mutter "blood brain barrier" without knowing what is again.