What is Metabolic Fitness?

Metabolic fitness founders Dr. Bryan Walsh and his wife, Dr. Julie Walsh

Metabolic Fitness - (n.)


An education that helps health care practitioners master science, eliminate confusion, and achieve consistent clinical success.


The health goal we strive for with our patients (and yours) - optimal functioning, clarity and peace of mind, strength, happiness, without disease, and with purpose.


All chemical reactions taking place within a living organism are supporting the fitness (scientifically speaking) of the individual.
 01  Metabolism - (n.) the sum of ALL chemical reactions that take place within each cell of a living organism.
02 Fitness - (n.) science measures fitness as one's ability to survive, find a mate, and produce offspring to pass on genes.


Drs Bryan & Julie Walsh have run a private practice and educational company teaching health care practitioners since 2007. Together they combine over 40 years of collective experience in the fitness, nutritional and health industry and combine their unique and synergistic perspectives to bring some of the most relevant, cutting edge, and important information to health care practitioners today.
Clinician's Code course instructor and mentor Dr Bryan Walsh sits at his desk, smiling at the camera.

Dr. Bryan walsh

Co-Founder & CMO of Metabolic Fitness
Clinician's Code course instructor and mentor Dr Julie Walsh sits at his desk, smiling at the camera.
Dr. Julie Walsh
Co-Founder & CEO of Metabolic Fitness

Who is Metabolic Fitness for?

Metabolic Fitness has helped a wide variety of health and wellness professionals sharpen their skills, focus their decision-making, and reignite their passion for helping others.
Physician assistants
Functional medicine doctors
Registered dietitians
Naturopathic doctors
Male functional medicine practitioner wearing a golf shirt and smiling at the camera.
Athletic trainers
Nurse practitioners
Fitness professionals
Health coaches

The Metabolic Fitness values

The functional medicine industry has a range voices, all with varying degrees of accuracy and reliability. These principles are what guide our educational offerings, and form the foundation with all our interactions with our community.

Icon of a clipboard with a checklist and a cog next to it.
Icon of a head in profile view with a lightbulb.
Icon of a hand outstretched with a speech bubble containing an I popping out.
Based on research papers, cutting-edge
Icon of a person in a diagram that contains arrows pointing outwards.
Tried-and true principles
Icon of lab test results with a test tube alongside it.
Lab testing
Icon of arms outstretched holding a viewfinder telescope.
Inquiry-based, humility, open-mindedness
Icon of a laptop displaying information with a graduate cap on top.
Scientific principles are the cornerstone of our education
Icon of a hand outstretched holding a glowing star.
What you get
Everything you need and nothing you don't
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Choose your schedule