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Elevate your clinical practice with nutritional biochemistry knowledge

Understanding nutritional biochemistry is vital to effectively identifying and correcting diet-driven health disorders and imbalances. 



Understand the causes of metabolic dysfunction 

Learn how diet impacts health at a cellular level and understand the metabolic processes and biochemical pathways responsible for dysfunction and disease.

Address nutritional deficiencies with precision

Know which dietary interventions and nutritional supplements to prescribe to improve your clients’ health on an individual level.

Stop disease at the root through early detection

Interrupt the progression of disease through early detection and treat dysfunction at the cellular level through nutritional biochemistry.
A female doctor explains nutritional biochemistry to her female patient.

Forget about trendy diets and supplements 

If you want to offer your clients or patients credible advice about diet, energy regulation, exercise, metabolism, or nutritional supplements, you need to understand the physiological principles of nutrition at a cellular and biochemical level

In this course, you’ll gain a solid understanding of nutritional biochemistry — and the confidence to critically evaluate conditions and prescribe therapeutic measures that really help your patients.

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Understanding nutritional biochemistry makes you a better functional medicine practitioner

Functional medicine and nutrition are deeply intertwined. As a healthcare practitioner, you know that nutritional imbalances and deficiencies lie at the root of many common health complaints. 

This makes these health conditions relatively easy to treat, if we can correctly identify and treat the dietary deficiencies and nutritional imbalances responsible. 

In order to accurately diagnose metabolic dysfunction, practitioners need a solid understanding of cellular health and nutritional biochemistry.  
This includes: 
  • The body’s major biochemical metabolic pathways
  • What happens when these biochemical pathways dysfunction, and
  • How to treat the health conditions resulting from metabolic dysfunction.
Biochemistry is critical to the proper working of every cell in the human body, and every healthcare practitioner should have the knowledge and skills to evaluate and treat their client’s biochemistry and help them effectively.

This biochemistry course is different

Our comprehensive Nutritional Biochemistry course provides you with a deep foundational understanding of the physiological mechanisms at play in the biochemistry of nutrition. 
We’ve structured the program in such a way that you’ll be able to see the big picture before going into depth into each pathway. 

The knowledge is presented in a way that makes it easy to understand and retain the nutritional biochemistry concepts you’ll learn — and confidently apply them in your clinical practice.

You’ll soon feel confident applying your new knowledge of biochemistry and nutrition to help improve the lives of your clients and patients.
“The Metabolic Fitness Biochemistry course presented by Dr. Bryan Walsh is a must for those who want to understand the complexity of Biochemistry and be able to explain and provide a scientific approach to optimal health with each and every client.”
– Anne Dobbertin. NTP, RWS
“This is a must-do course for any nutritionist or exercise professional looking to fully understand the recommendations they are making, and the biochemical implications of the suggestions they make.”
Steve Grant. Nutritionist, London UK
“As an undergraduate and postgraduate student, biochemistry was a module that felt somewhat tedious and hard to grasp at times. Nevertheless, Bryan has the ability to turn biochemistry into an easy to understand process and interesting topic. This course gets my highest recommendation.”
– Jamie Rowan. Exercise and Nutrition Consultant

What is nutritional biochemistry?

Nutritional biochemistry is a field of study that allows us to understand the chemical processes and reactions that take place in our bodies in response to various nutrients at the molecular and cellular levels. 

In simpler terms, nutritional biochemistry helps us to understand how what we eat impacts our health. It’s essential to recognizing the roles that different nutrients — such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals — play in supporting essential physiological functions, metabolism, and overall health. 
Nutritional biochemistry course illustration
Nutritional biochemistry course image: a female doctor interprets a patient's nutritional deficiencies

Key aspects of nutritional biochemistry include:

  • Nutrient metabolism: How the body processes and utilizes nutrients for energy, growth, and maintenance.
  • Nutrient functions: The specific roles of individual nutrients in various biochemical pathways and physiological processes.
  • Nutritional requirements: The optimal dietary and nutritional needs for both healthy individuals and those with specific health conditions. 
  • Impact on health: How nutrition influences the onset, progression, and management of diseases, including the prevention and treatment of various health conditions.
  • Biochemical therapy:  The use of specific nutrients or dietary interventions to address health issues and promote wellbeing.

Nutritional biochemistry plays a crucial role in shaping our understanding of the connections between diet and health. In turn, this understanding informs the dietary guidelines and personalized nutritional interventions we recommend to our clients for better health. 

What can I expect from this course?

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In this 25-hour course, you will learn about:

  • Individual pathways in detail, explained in a way that you’ll always remember

  • The relationships between different biochemical pathways 

  • Dozens of fundamental anabolic and catabolic pathways involving carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

  • Important lesser-known metabolic pathways, their relevance to health, and clinical interventions to improve them

  • Which vitamins and minerals are used in which pathways, and what happens when they are deficient.

  • And so much more...

Nutritional biochemistry course outline with module descriptions
Not only will you have an incredible working knowledge of each biochemical pathway, you’ll actually understand how the pathways work to the point where you can have informed conversations about them with your colleagues.

Who is the Nutritional Biochemistry course for?

This biochemistry course is for anyone looking to level up their clinical practice through science-based functional medicine, regardless of educational background.

Whether you're a functional medicine doctor or nurse practitioner, an integrative health coach, a fitness pro, or a nutritionist, your clinical practice — and your clients — can benefit from understanding the science of nutrition and metabolism.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to revolutionize your practice and unlock extraordinary results for your clients and patients.

After taking this course, you’ll have:

A strong working knowledge of biochemical pathways.
The ability to evaluate your clients’ biochemistry and treat biochemical imbalances.
An understanding of how nutrients interact with the body on a biochemical level.
The skills and knowledge to assess various functional medicine lab tests.

Meet your instructor, Dr. Bryan Walsh

Dr Bryan Walsh is a licensed, board-certified naturopathic doctor who has studied physiology and nutrition for more than 25 years. 

Since 2007, Dr. Bryan and his wife Dr. Julie Walsh have operated a private practice and healthcare education company. With more than 40 years of combined experience in health, fitness, and nutrition, they are passionate about teaching healthcare professionals better ways to practice functional medicine. 
Nutritional biochemistry course instructor, Dr. Bryan Walsh
Nutritional biochemistry course image: A female nutritionist takes notes while gazing at their laptop screen

After taking this course, you’ll have:

  • A strong working knowledge of biochemical pathways
  • The ability to evaluate your clients’ overall health through a biochemical lens.
  • An understanding of how nutrients interact with the body on a biochemical level
  • The necessary terminology to assess various functional medicine lab tests 

What to expect from this course

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Show off your new knowledge

When you complete our Nutritional Biochemistry training, you’ll receive an impressive Certificate of Completion that lets everyone know the time you have invested in your professional development. 

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How long do I have access to this course? 

You will have access to this course for six months upon purchase.

Do you offer a package discount if I want to purchase all of the courses at once? 

This course, and many others, are included in the Clinician's Code Foundation Professional Certificate program. This is our most comprehensive offering that combines coursework and clinical mentorship to help clinicians build confidence, cut overwhelm, and become successful in functional medicine. You can learn more and sign up here

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Yes. Through AfterPay and Klarna, if these are available in your country. Simply choose the Stripe option at check out, and then select either AfterPay or Klarna if available.

Can I earn CEUs or CE credits by completing the Metabolic Fitness Nutritional Biochemistry course?

If you are a certified nutrition specialist (CNS), you can earn up to 25 continuing education credits from the BCNS by completing this course.

Our Nutritional Biochemistry course is accredited by the BCNS Credentials Council, the certifying board of the American Nutrition Association® (ANA®). 
At this time, we don’t directly provide continuing education units for other professions. However, many of our students have acquired continuing education credit by submitting their certificates of completion to their specialization’s relevant CE governing body.
Contact your certifying association to learn if they may grant you CEs for these activities. If approved, we can provide you with a certificate of completion.

We are happy to work with you on that and provide you with what they request. 

Are there any assessments associated with your course?

Each course includes assessments to enhance your learning experience and improve retention of the material. There are auto-graded quizzes at the end of each module and a final exam at the end of the course.