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Whether you're looking to uncover the scientific evidence on a single topic, master a new skill to better help your patients, or completely transform your practice - Metabolic Fitness is the place for you.
What can you expect?
  • Build confidence
  • Cut overwhelm
  • Become successful in functional medicine

Don't just take our word for it

"It is rare to find someone who can teach the way you do, you just make things so understandable at such a high level, you are a true teacher!"
Ashley Ridout, DO, ND
"I've been studying functional medicine for 20 years and have over 27 different certifications yet...You took me to school!"
Joanna Owens, DPT
"I don't think I can even truly emphasize how valuable this information is for health practitioners who want to better help their clients."
Emily Buchanan Hart, CNS

Functional medicine education for every type of clinician

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been in the game for decades, we meet you where you are, and help you advance to where you want to be. 

Certificate Programs

A powerful combination of personalized self-paced learning, dedicated live mentorship calls, and an exclusive thriving practitioner community driven by Drs. Bryan and Julie Walsh.


Courses and microcourses

Reinforce your foundations in functional medicine with targeted courses on the most important topics. Choose between bite-sized microcourses and longer, in-depth studies of the science.


Monthly clinical update service

Get functional medicine updates in your inbox monthly with our PracticeUP subscription service. We carefully summarize the latest scientific developments to help you stay up to date. If you are a CNS, earn CE points here.

It's time to elevate the functional medicine field

Can we be honest?

Much of the available functional medicine education is riddled with bias, watered-down science, and repeated half-truths. 
Much of what practitioners are taught is geared toward selling supplements or supporting some other agenda.

It's resulted in a confusing, frustrating experience for well-meaning practitioners and patients everywhere. 
The current approach - generic protocols, excessive supplements, and over-reliance on invalid testing - is not working. If it was, everyone would be successful.

But the truth is, they're not.

We're on a mission to raise the bar

We're tired of settling for functional medicine that kind of works. As an industry, we can do better. We believe that with the right education, we can change lives.

We replace popular functional medicine stories with science

We think that asking patients to spend thousands of dollars on testing and piles of supplements is wrong and unnecessary.

We help you grow your practice and better help your patients

At Metabolic Fitness, we share everything we've learned, tested, and perfected in our functional medicine practice - with you.

We provide you with the right education in functional medicine

With clear processes and reliable science on your side, you'll be excited about your appointments, know what to recommend to patients, and become a trusted advisor to them. 

We help you love what you do and thrive

We know how hard it is to succeed in this industry but we're confident that with the right education, your business will grow organically and referrals will come easy because you are someone everyone needs to know about. 

Functional medicine education made easy

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been in the game for decades, we meet you where you are, and help you advance where you want to be. 


Log in from anywhere, anytime.


Watch and listen at your own pace. 


Apply your new tools and training. 
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We help a wide variety of health professionals

Fitness Pros
Nurse Practitioners
Health Coaches
Female doctor in a white lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck. Her arms are folded and she's smiling.
Physician Assistants
Functional Medicine Doctors
Registered Dietitians
Naturopathic Doctors
Athletic Trainers

Your goals are our goals

Despite the differences in our education and business models, we all share the same three goals. 

If these are your goals, you're in the right place.


To help people.


Successfully use functional medicine to do so.


Be financially successful in the process.


Clinician's Code™ Foundation Professional Certificate

Are you serious about developing the full scientific foundations to evolve your efficacy as an effective functional medicine practitioner?

Leverage expert clinical mentorship
Receive the full support from Drs. Bryan and Julie Walsh in the Clinician's Code™ community and the monthly live Mastermind calls. We also offer a separate mentorship program tailored specifically for CNS candidates completing Supervised Practice Hours.
Grow your functional medicine practice
Our business coaching course is exclusive to students of the Clinician's Code™ Foundation Professional Certificate program. Learn to leverage your strengths and opportunities to attract and retain clients and grow your functional medicine practice sustainably.
Earn your Professional Certificate
The academic rigor of our program will help you practice with confidence. Display your digital Professional Certificate on your website to earn the trust of future clients. You will also earn additional certificates and practitioner badges for the individual courses you complete within the program.
Earn CNS CE credits
Are you a Certified Nutrition Specialist? You can earn CE points for key elements of the Clinician's Code™ Foundation Professional Certificate program. If you are a CNS candidate, we also offer a supervised practice hours program which you can read more about below.
Complete this intensive 6-month mentorship program to earn your Clinician's Code™ Foundation Professional certificate.

CNS Candidate SPE Hours program

Are you working towards your CNS licensure? We can provide you with the supervised practice hours you need, all online, no fuss. 

Check out our specially tailored version of the Clinician's Code™ Foundation Professional Certificate, tailored specifically for CNS candidates seeking supervised practice and clinical mentorship.
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People all over the world have used our education to better help their patients, build thriving practices, grow large corporations, become industry influencers, create software programs, publish research, land jobs in multi-disciplinary settings, create courses, launch summits, and much, much more.

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