Beginner's guide to measuring acidity in your diet

Download our free guide to learn the PRAL score of 30 common foods (based on portion sizes).

Here’s what some of our practitioners have to say

"The content you provided was incredible, and I cannot believe how inexpensive this workshop was, given its level of detail and the time you spent putting it together. You're an incredible teacher, and I look forward to taking future courses and workshops!"
– Jeremiah
"Superb, as always. Painful to watch at times because it forced me to completely reassess how I diagnose and counsel my patients regarding adrenal dysfunction. But, that is a good kind of pain—the kind that makes me grow as a practitioner."
– Dianne
"This was incredible!! Thank you so much for all the research you do Dr. Walsh to help evolve our medicine!"
– Abrianne
"Thank you, Dr. Walsh. I was able to use your model of critical thinking and investigation with three clients this week. All of your markers were spot on even when they were recognized on the fringe of traditional markers. Once I recognized them, then we were off to the investigative races and everything fell in place. You are teaching people to think rather than follow memorized practices that have little or no relevance to really understanding systemic cause."
– Sam