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We used ChatGPT to write a protocol, here’s what happened.

business strategy Mar 31, 2023

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it 1000 times – ChatGPT.

Our teenage son was the first to bring it to our attention. Interestingly, he was also the first to tell us how “stupid it was that people couldn’t write their own stuff” (his words, not ours).

Then, a friend of ours, who is going back to college in her 40s mentioned it. She has been struggling to balance work, school, and life and was amazed that “this thing could write her papers for her”.

Most recently, a practitioner we know was working on writing content for her website and was beyond thrilled, calling it "a Godsend!”

Now, if you know us at all, you might be able to guess how we might feel about something like ChatGPT.

But if we know you at all, you might be curious about it.

Should health professionals use it? If so, in what context – in social media posts, articles, or patient protocols?

And true to form, we’ve done some investigative...

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