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Retracted Research. Can Toxins Be Good for Us? + Coronavirus Thoughts


How Does Research Get Retracted?

We're assuming you've already heard about the retracted research paper suggesting that the medication hydroxychloroquine was ineffective as a treatment of COVID-19.  

Retracting this paper is saying, "Oops. Sorry. Forget everything you just read," was a pretty big deal considering multiple research studies and medical treatments were halted based on its findings.

Interestingly, another paper written by these same co-authors was also retracted; this one suggesting certain medications were not a concern for patients with COVID-19.

Really? Not one, but two retracted papers in, not one, but two of the largest, most prestigious journals in the world, about a global pandemic that desperately needed accurate, real-time information to potentially save thousands of lives. As if the world didn't already have enough to cope with. 

Here's the thing. As unfortunate and concerning as these retractions are, they are...

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