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Five Signs You Need to Learn (or Re-learn) Physiology for Health Practitioners

functional physiology Jul 13, 2020

The reality is, most health practitioners need to know more physiology. But first, two truths and a lie.

Most health practitioners will skim this blog post or skip it altogether because it’s “just about physiology.” (Truth) 

Most health practitioners are struggling in their business. (Truth)


Our new course, Functional Physiology, has been ten years in the making (Also truth, because we don’t want to lie.)


Made it this far? Congratulations! You’re one of the few practitioners who realizes there’s more to learn than protocols. At this point, you may be asking yourself, do I need to learn more about physiology?


Rather than answering with a general (though resounding) "yes!", we put together this little checklist for you to self-evaluate.


Here are five signs that you need to learn (or re-learn) physiology: 


You’re always searching for the next best thing in Functional Medicine...

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