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How the Brain Makes Us Move


Imagine a giant building is going to be built.  Specific people are necessary to make it happen.  

First, there's the Idea Guy – the one who comes up with the idea and loosely how to do it. 

Then there's The Architect.  This is the person who will design the building and create the blueprint for how to make it happen.

Lastly, there's The Foreman.  This is the person that oversees the building being built to make sure it goes as planned.  

Clearly creating a motor program in your brain is complicated, and not even fully understood by science, but the above analogy can help us make some sense of it.

The Idea Guy is the motor cortex found in the pre-central gyrus of the brain.  This is roughly where the idea for the movement comes from as well as a general idea of how it should be done.  For example, let's say you want to pick up a glass of water and drink it.  The motor cortex makes some big decisions about it, like to use...

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Why Study Physiology?

If you're a clinician, there are few subjects, if any, more relevant to your clinical success than physiology.




Think about this. Diagnosis is everything. Sure, it's great if you're a nice person, a good listener, and make patients feel comfortable. And yes, colorful lab reports feel fun to look at and share with your patients. Of course a "system" within your practice, with slick marketing techniques to fill your roster sounds amazing. But, if you can't figure out what is going on with your patients, those things do not matter. Period.


Here's an example. A patient comes to you for fatigue, and you think its due to thyroid hypofunction. You recommend the latest, greatest hypothyroid protocol, complete with the hottest supplement trend on the market. You're excited. Your patient is excited. But three months later, they come back and don't feel any better. And on top of that, they're out a few hundred bucks. All because it was never hypothyroid in...

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Elephants + Pandemics. Detoxification. Neuroglial Cells

What can a story about a baby elephant teach us during a pandemic? Detoxification is still being done incorrectly. And learn our secret weapon to cracking cases.  


Pandemic Proof

The world is going bonkers, right? Don't worry, we are NOT here to shove our political views down your throat. There's plenty of that to go around already.

Instead, we want to tell you a story.

Have you ever heard the story about the baby elephant?

You know, where the trainer ties the baby elephant to a small tree with a small rope, so he can’t escape. It works because he is little. But even when he becomes a full-grown elephant, more than capable of breaking the rope and ripping the tree out of the ground, he never even attempts it, because he was conditioned he can't? 

We've been thinking about this lately with recent events. Have we all been trained in helplessness? What about dependence?

Think about it.

Going to the grocery store is...

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