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A Smarter Way to Evaluate SIBO


SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is a diagnosis that has gained a lot of attention and recognition in the past decade or so. Before that, few people had ever heard about it, but now all of a sudden, practitioners are testing for it and patients think they have it.

Could SIBO be the next candida, gluten sensitivity, or adrenal fatigue – everyone has it, it’s difficult to treat, and is the cause of just about everything

What Is SIBO

Simply put, SIBO is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestines. By itself, this might be relatively insignificant, but higher amounts of bacteria, or certain types of bacteria, can contribute to significant health issues such as anemia, edema, polyneuropathy, and more. These are a result of issues with digestion and absorption of macro and micronutrients such as fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals.  

What Causes SIBO

SIBO is essentially caused by two different things – small intestine stasis, or a...

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Why Study Physiology?

If you're a clinician, there are few subjects, if any, more relevant to your clinical success than physiology.




Think about this. Diagnosis is everything. Sure, it's great if you're a nice person, a good listener, and make patients feel comfortable. And yes, colorful lab reports feel fun to look at and share with your patients. Of course a "system" within your practice, with slick marketing techniques to fill your roster sounds amazing. But, if you can't figure out what is going on with your patients, those things do not matter. Period.


Here's an example. A patient comes to you for fatigue, and you think its due to thyroid hypofunction. You recommend the latest, greatest hypothyroid protocol, complete with the hottest supplement trend on the market. You're excited. Your patient is excited. But three months later, they come back and don't feel any better. And on top of that, they're out a few hundred bucks. All because it was never hypothyroid in...

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