Fatty Liver Reexamined

Are you seeing clients with anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, chronic pain, fatigue, or poor detoxification? It all may be due to fatty liver.

Learn the untold story of fatty liver disease and gain clinical insight in this microcourse for functional and nutritional medicine practitioners.



Fatty liver is being missed, even by the best 

Did you know that normal liver enzyme levels don't necessarily indicate a healthy liverThat’s right! People with completely normal AST and ALT levels can be suffering from fatty liver, liver inflammation, or fibrosis.

In fact,
conventional research estimates that 30% of the population has this condition, but as the presentation is so elusive, it’s being overlooked even in comprehensive evaluations. ALT can be normal, ultrasounds can miss it, and even an invasive liver biopsy might not catch it.

Due to the diverse and seemingly unrelated symptoms of fatty liver, including anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic pain, or cognitive decline, practitioners end up treating symptoms and overlooking the underlying condition. 
Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) doesn’t just affect the liver, but the entire system, including the heart, kidneys, and more.

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Here's what clinicians say about our Fatty Liver Reexamined microcourse

"Thank you. Once again, a goldmine of information and insights. It seems I have been underestimating vitamin E. I also did not know of the name change to MAFLD."
Christopher Pickard, B.Sc
"Great content! Your calculations are new to me. Just played with a client's results to test them out. Such a gem! Thank you. Love that you layer out the supplement support piece too."
Carrie Reedy, Functional Nutrition
"Much gratitude for the time and effort you put into this. Fabulous presentation with clinical applications, that I appreciate a lot. Eye-opening stuff - as usual!"
Tara Thorne, Functional Health Practitioner

Fatty liver has been dubbed "the most serious public health concern of our time". Are you adequately prepared?

In this microcourse, Dr. Bryan Walsh challenges conventional thinking by presenting fatty liver as a potential causative agent in systemic health issues.
The time is now to get up to date with the science behind fatty liver to ensure it's not overlooked in your clinical practice. You will learn:
  • How to spot the seemingly unrelated symptoms of MAFLD such as anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, chronic pain, and fatigue.
  • The challenges of diagnosing fatty liver including issues with liver biopsy, blood markers, imaging, and relying on traditional risk factors.
  • An evidence-based fatty liver protocol including nutritional interventions, exercise methods, and strategic supplementation.
With this knowledge, practitioners will be better prepared to serve their clients with confidence.

Is this microcourse right for you?

Functional medicine is complex precisely because we aim to heal the underlying disorder with a treatment plan to improve overall health. This microcourse is for you if:
  • You are a functional or nutritional medicine practitioner.
  • You want confidence that you are providing evidence-based recommendations.
  • Staying current in the science to provide optimal care in your clinical practice is important to you.

Dr. Bryan Walsh brings you the latest evidence

We'll get you up to speed on:
  • The pathogenesis and multi-system impact of fatty liver disease.
  • The limitations of current diagnostic techniques and overlooked signs in clinical practice.
  • Optimal reference ranges and biomarker calculations to identify fatty liver disease.
  • A comprehensive protocol including nutritional strategies and interventions for fatty liver management.
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You will receive:

  • Two hours of self-paced course material, including videos and exercises
  • A Fatty Liver Practitioner digital badge, upon successful completion
  • Six months of unlimited access for a single user
"This was possibly the best you have done to date. So much to unpack here. I watched it a few times already and I am far from done. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this."
Dr. Loren Marks
"Great! I have been so curious about MAFLD after experiencing my own questions and concerns of "How do I know if my liver is healthy?" This gave me much to think about for future patients."
Dr. Danielle Perna-Amari, DC
"Bravo! So much useful information in a condensed presentation. I ran a few of the calculations on my clients and myself. I'm safe. Some of my clients are not so lucky. Time to get to work!
Charles Wispert, PA

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What to expect from this course


Dr. Bryan Walsh

Our industry has a problem and I'm not afraid to say it. There are too many tests, too many supplements, and too many protocols. The worst part is, people don’t realize there is any other way, which results in a frustrating experience for clinicians and patients alike.

I was there too. After graduating from medical school, my wife and I struggled for years; wondering what to do with patients, chasing information from experts, and going to seminar after seminar. Finally, by the grace of God, I figured it out. 

I dove deep into the science, and found exactly what I was looking for - answers. First, these answers dramatically improved the success of my practice. Now, I use what I’ve learned to help practitioners like you build confidence, cut overwhelm, and become successful in functional medicine.

Cell Blueprint course instructor Dr Bryan Walsh sits at his desk, smiling at the camera.

"This is awesome, amazing content as always! This content is extremely relevant to current health concerns as well as my intended niche of metabolic health. I have earmarked every paper for further review as I intend to focus my practice on liver health as it pertains to systemic health. Your approach gives us evidenced-based, clinically applicable interventions to use immediately in the care of our clients/patients. Thank you!"

- Dr. Michelle Avent, DCN

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I loved this course and want more.  What other courses do you offer?

We're thrilled that you enjoyed the course! In addition to this, we provide a range of other courses and programs designed to foster your growth in functional medicine. Our microcourses offer concise and impactful learning on specific topics. If you're looking for a deeper dive, our courses provide a comprehensive grasp of broader subjects like blood chemistry interpretation, glucose regulation, and detoxification. And for the most extensive and immersive learning journey, consider our flagship program,Clinician's Code Foundation Professional Certificate. This all-encompassing experience includes course materials, a supportive community, practical clinical application, and direct mentorship. Click here to check out our catalog.

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Due to the digital nature of this product, Metabolic Fitness does not offer refunds on this purchase.

Plus, we're so confident in this microcourse and the information that is presented, we can't imagine a circumstance where there would be a need for a refund. 

What exactly do I get?

Our Fatty Liver microcourse includes:
  • On-demand video content: 90 jam-packed minutes of evidence-based information on fatty liver disease.
  • Our unique approach: Our custom strategy, step-by-step, to approach fatty liver in every client. 
  • Exercises: Test your understanding and lock the information away in your memory.
  • Fatty Liver Practitioner Badge: If you pass the final exam, you will receive a digital badge from Metabolic Fitness to prove that you are skilled in an evidence-based approach to fatty liver.