Vitamin D: Could An Entire Industry Be Wrong?

How much do you know about vitamin D deficiency, really?

  • There's strong evidence against current practices in vitamin D testing, supplementation, and protocols.
  • Most practitioners are missing essential clinical considerations to comprehensively approach vitamin D.
  • There is a responsible, research-based, step-by-step strategy to address potential vitamin D deficiency.



There's a problem with how we're handling vitamin D in the functional medicine industry.

Actually, there are four big problems. 

Problem #1

Laboratory testing reliability

 Problem #2 

Reference range inconsistency

Problem #3

Supplementation variability

Problem #4

Protocol design mistakes

We're putting an end to this. After reviewing hundreds of research papers, we can confidently say there is a scientifically accurate way to approach vitamin D.

If this isn't a game-changer in the functional medicine paradigm, I don't know what else could be! The amount of time and effort put into this presentation must have been immense. I am honored to have been able to watch, learn, and grow into a better practitioner.

- Sara, CNS

A male doctor is explaining a patient's underlying condition to them using the Cell Blueprint diagnostic framework.

What functional medicine practitioners should know about vitamin D

How to identify at-risk populations before running a vitamin D test.
How to evaluate vitamin D status more accurately.
What to rule out when determining whether someone needs vitamin D.
How to safely recommend vitamin D supplementation.

In just 2 hours, you will learn:  

  • Why different tests give you different results (and which to use)
  • The influences of vitamin D you won’t see on a test 
  • Why measuring only 25(OH)D is insufficient, and other markers to keep on your radar
  • How five major organizations conflict in their vitamin D recommendations
  • Five reasons why testing for vitamin D is more complicated than you've been taught
  • 12 reasons why low vitamin D does not necessarily mean low vitamin D
  • Two stories of vitamin D toxicity, one important thing to be aware of, and how to avoid It
  • Our main concern with vitamin D supplementation
  • Three common conditions for which vitamin D is contraindicated
  • A condition with which early vitamin D supplementation has been associated
  • A safe dose for vitamin D supplementation, based on up-to-date research
  • Our step-by-step vitamin D protocol, which you can apply with your clients 

Get updated on the advanced science and strategy in just 2 hours, so you know exactly what to do with your clients.

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